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Operational CEM Certification


In today’s transparent and information-rich environment, extracting insights from customer data is critical. But insights only make an impact when you take action on them. That’s where Operational Customer Experience Management makes the difference. It’s a methodology that accelerates your organization’s ability to anticipate and adapt to changing customer needs. This two-level certification program will teach you and your team a proven approach to:

Transform customer experience insights into actions
Align teams around the customer’s needs
Accelerate internal learning and improvement
Differentiate and adapt ahead of the market

Level 1 Online Certification

Learn how to elevate your customer experience efforts by creating a dialogue between customers and the teams who impact the experience. This level covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Operational CEM
  • Seeing Yourself as Customers Do
  • Wiring the Customer into Every Decision

Level 2 Online Certification

Build on your skills from Level 1 and learn how to foster a culture of customer experience accountability that drives operational improvement and innovation. This level covers the following topics:

  • Driving Accountability at all Levels
  • Innovating Continuously at Scale
  • Developing Your Action Plan

Who should take these courses?

CEM program managers, market insights professionals, and operational leaders directly involved with your company’s customer experience program.

How do I participate?

Choose from several Operational CEM learning paths.