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There is a new breed of entrepreneur building tremendous businesses based on providing Customer Experience Management solutions tailored for specific business categories. They build their category-specific solution once and sell it to businesses around the world. One pioneering entrepreneur building this type of business is Blair McHaney, CEO of Clubworks and MXM, with his Member Experience management solution powered by the Medallia Experience Cloud. Blair’s story is one of vision, hard work, and success.

MXM is now a thriving business enabling over 120 fitness businesses that operate more than 570 fitness clubs to deliver superior member experience, employee experience, member retention, and profitability. It’s growing over 30 percent per year and accelerating. Back in 2012, MXM was just a powerful idea Blair couldn’t get out of his head. He knew, from using Medallia’s customer experience management platform in his two gyms, and seeing it work for dozens of Gold’s Gyms around the US, that there was a strong need in the fitness industry for a member experience management solution. It just couldn’t be “custom” for every individual fitness club. So Blair set out to productize his approach and build a business. Blair, his partner Brent Anderson, and a strong and growing team built MXM to provide fitness clubs an industry-specific operational customer experience management system that captures member feedback, routes it to staff, and empowers rapid action and improvement. This approach is far more advanced and impactful than traditional customer surveys, because it is deeply embedded in the daily business operations of a fitness club, not just a source of periodic score reports.

MXM’s core offering is a subscription-based SaaS member experience management solution. MXM bundles their software with extensive support and best practices. The solution can be launched in days and drives value right away, since they leverage a proven model. And it delivers outstanding results including increased member retention, increased average revenue per month, staff retention, reduced cost, and increased profits — consistently. Blair’s clients achieve tremendous return on their investment and are empowered to deliver superior member experience in their fitness clubs.

One key to MXM success is leveraging Medallia Experience Cloud, the industry-leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform — according to Forrester Research — used by many of the world’s largest businesses including Hilton, Marriott, Mercedes Benz, SAP, Delta Airlines. These enterprises often pay millions of dollars to use Medallia to deliver better customer experiences. MXM makes the same power available to fitness clubs with a tailored solution for a price in the low hundreds of dollars per month. Blair has also leveraged his passion and expertise to generate a meaningful additional revenue stream from conferences and consulting work. This synergistic operation leverages learnings from his growing installed base to grow his solution subscription sales.

What does it take to grow a successful category-specific customer experience platform business? Passion for improving CX, industry expertise and connections, entrepreneurial spirit, and hard work! It also takes investment. Blair enlisted a partner, Brent Anderson, to support operations. They invested in building the MXM solution and also built a team including operations, services and support specialists. One key to MXM success has been superior service and continual system upgrades. Blair has achieved over 99% customer retention. His customers are his best salespeople providing a constant stream of referrals within the tightly-connected fitness industry.

MXM’s growth is enabled by Medallia’s Alliances partner program. The program provides technical support, expertise, and program assistance. And MXM takes advantage of a fast-growing community of similar businesses, each targeting its own category, providing networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for all.

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