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Effective Date
This policy is effective on September 9, 2016


Policy Objective
This policy establishes certain rules and procedures with regard to the incurrence and reimbursement of travel related and purchasing expenses. One of the overriding goals of this policy is for Medallians to always think like owners of Medallia. All business expenses paid for by or on behalf of Medallians are subject to this policy. All business expenses need to be submitted via Concur or on Medallia’s standard Expense Report Form to be considered for reimbursement.

This policy is applicable to all Medallians worldwide.

Customer Reimbursement Process
Medallia will submit expense reimbursement requests, including proper supporting documentation (receipts) to its customer subject to the applicable agreement between Medallia and the customer. Medallia will submit these requests for reimbursement using the expense reimbursement tool identified by Medallia’s customer.

Booking Travel

Medallia Travel should only be booked if other means (e.g., local staff, video collaboration, etc.) cannot be effectively used. Travel is defined as a trip (by air, car or rail) that requires an overnight stay.

Even when travel is required, the number of traveling Medallians should be kept to a minimum (i.e., one Medallian in-person and all others by video or phone).

Whenever applicable, please ensure that all travel is fully billed to the appropriate customer.

Do not book or make changes directly with car vendors, hotels or airlines. Medallia has 24/7 coverage.
Medallia’s private travel website Concur Travel is the only Internet travel site allowed (no, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) If a lower rate is found on-line, Medallians should contact Medallia Travel to see if the rate/fare is currently valid and can be matched.


Medallians who are required to book their travel through a customer’s travel agency (per contract) must forward their full itineraries to Medallia Travel BEFORE the trip.

For Americas and APAC:
Medallia online booking tool Concur Travel
For agent assistance contact: General email –
Toll Free USA: +1 877-673-5170. The same toll free number is used for 24-hour Emergency Assist (evenings, weekends, holidays)
Non-toll free phone: +1 415-914-7423. The same number is used for international calls 24-hour Emergency Assist

Office: +44 207 091 7981 | Fax: 0845 504 0746

Air Transportation

Travelers are required to accept the Lowest Logical Fare, LLF in economy class, using non-stop flights, that meet your business travel needs within a reasonable window of time.

The Lowest Logical Fare is defined as fare:

  • Typically within a 2 hour window (12 hours for intercontinental flights) of the desired flight time
  • Saves the company at least the equivalent of USD 150 or more than the requested non-stop flights, regardless of carrier
    • Intercontinental travel is defined as flights between NA, CALA, EMEA, or APAC, or travel that includes flights with durations of 7 hours or more (based on non-stop flight schedule)
    • For intercontinental flights over 7 hours and coast to coast red-eye flights over 5hrs in the US, employees may use Premier Zone on United Airlines or a similar “extra leg room” option on other airlines, as long as the traveler remains in economy class, and the incremental cost of the upgrade is less than equivalent of USD 400 round trip. This amount is not per diem (applies only to actually purchased product in economy class), upgrades to “premium economy” class that require booking a higher fare/class of service is not supported by Medallia.
    • Saturday night stay can produce significant savings on intercontinental trips. Medallia will reimburse the cost of the room, tax, and meals if the total does not exceed 50% of the amount saved. Attempt to book flights at least 7-14 days in advance for domestic flights, and 21 days in advance for intercontinental flights. Try to avoid booking flights much earlier than this, as the rates may be higher when booked significantly further in advance and there is a higher risk of the trip being changed or cancelled.
    • In air and airport wi-fi charges are reimbursable if used for business.
    • Reasonable baggage fees are reimbursable. Airline club memberships and expedited services (TSA, Global Entry, CLEAR, priority boarding, etc. are not reimbursable.
    • Same day airline changes should be avoided unless there is a compelling business reason or a “stand-by” option is available at no additional cost.
    • Cancel reservations if travel plans change or the individual will be responsible for costs incurred if no action is taken.

Ground Transportation

Car Rental
Medallia will only reimburse for midsize vehicles or if 3 or more Medallians are traveling together a larger, full size car can be booked. Carpooling is recommended whenever possible.

  • Additional insurance should be declined, as it is covered by our corporate policy.
  • Make every reasonable effort to return the rental car with a full tank of fuel. Refueling rates charged by rental car companies and purchasing FPO (fuel purchase option) are usually much higher than the cost of fuel purchased elsewhere.
  • Global Positioning Satellite Navigation (GPS) systems can be rented when absolutely necessary (i.e. an employee driving in a non-native country would be considered reasonable, etc.) and should be avoided in other cases.
  • Medallians should register for Avis Wizard and/or Budget Rapid Rez which provide expedited service when picking up a car. When filling out car vendor profile please make sure to decline all insurance, FPO (fuel purchasing option), GPS and satellite radio.
  • Any Medallian can drive a rental car on Company business regardless of whose name it is rented under.
  • Print out Auto Insurance card and carry with you at all times

Rental Car Accidents
Comply with local customs and laws, fill out a police report if needed. If medical attention is needed for anyone injured, take care of them first. Be sure to complete an accident report with the car vendor company and report the accident to Medallia Corporate Travel within 24hrs.

Please remember to drive carefully and responsibly, carry your valid driver license and Medallia’s proof of insurance.

Hotel Accommodations

When visiting Medallia offices

Medallia has negotiated corporates rates in frequently visited locations. They must be used while visiting Medallia office or immediate area. If you need to stay in the same city but not in the immediate vicinity of Medallia office please refer to the section below.

Travelers must select a lower cost hotel that is priced within the following USD limit (USD cost per night before taxes):


  • Most destinations – $200
  • Major Cities (e.g. Downtown Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle, Austin, Vancouver, etc.) – $250
  • SF/Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Honolulu – $300
  • New York – $400


  • Most destinations – $300. London – $400.00


  • Most destinations – $300

Note: these are limits, not a suggested rate – Medallians are encouraged to choose mid-tier hotels within the area (Hilton Garden Inn vs the full service Hilton or Courtyard vs the Marriott or Renaissance which are part of the same hotel chain)

  • Advance approval from the Director of Corporate Travel Programs is required for hotels that cost in excess of the above guidelines. Additionally, travelers are required to abide by the following policies to ensure reasonable accommodation expenses.
  • Hotel reservations have to be guaranteed to a personal/corporate credit card and paid at the time of check out. Medallians have to submit hotel expenses through Concur Expense (except in Argentina).
  • Similar to airline selection, a hotel’s frequent guest program should not affect your selection, but you can use the points generated during business travel for personal use. Use of frequent guest program rewards is not reimbursable.
  • Medallians may accept complimentary room upgrades (from the standard room/rate) offered by the hotel as long as long as no additional cost to Medallia is incurred.
  • We do not recommend booking non-cancellable/non-refundable rates in a corporate environment unless the trip is within 24-48 hours. There is a high risk of trip cancelations /changes which results in a charge without actual hotel stay. Such reservations are not reimbursable unless there was a compelling business reason for making a non-refundable reservation (e.g. rare events that require bookings months in advance).
  • The Medallian is responsible for any cancellation or no-show charges caused by failure to call the hotel prior to any previously advised cancellation period unless there is a compelling business or personal reason.
  • If you are attending an event that is organized by someone outside of Medallia please make reservation as instructed by the third party and before departure provide hotel information/confirmation to Medallia preferred agency. The agency will add it to your itinerary so that Medallia can collect all the travel data and track you in case of emergency.
  • If you are visiting a client who have a special negotiated rate please provide this information to Medallia Travel. Reservation will be made on your behalf and added to your itinerary for tracking.
  • Hotels booked through methods such as, Priceline, Orbitz, etc are considered out of policy, and may be subject to non-reimbursement.

Rail Travel
All domestic (within one country) and international (from one country to another) rail must be in Standard Class. Rail travel must be booked through Medallia Travel where available (US, Canada, UK).

Meals & Entertainment

Travel (individual) Meals
Reasonable costs incurred for meals consumed while on business, including while en route to and from your destination, are reimbursable, including any tax and tips.

  • Meal costs of up to a total of $95 per day are reimbursable (incl. tax and tips).
  • Tips should not exceed what is usual and customary for the country in which you are travelling, and should be 20% or less of the meal price.
  • Meals will be reimbursed for the actual amounts paid, as this is not intended to be a daily allowance or per diem.
  • Receipts are required for all individual meals over $25.00.
  • If the daily meal guideline has been exceeded, the overage will be deducted from your expense report.
  • The detailed hotel bill can act as a receipt for travel (individual) meals taken if billed to the room

Business Meals & Entertainment (multiple attendees)
Business meals are meals taken with customers or other outside parties to advance a business relationship between Medallia and its customers or vendors.

  • The most senior Medallian in attendance must pick up the check and request the reimbursement.
  • Entertainment costs should not exceed $150/person per event.
  • Tips should not exceed what is usual and customary for the country in which you are travelling, and should be 20% or less of the meal price in the US.
  • Entertainment must be within the bounds of good taste, moderation, and legal requirements, and exclude lavish, excessive, or inappropriate entertainment.
  • Entertainment of government officials by Medallians must be approved in advance by Legal.

For tax purposes, it is necessary to justify that these types of expenses were incurred while conducting Medallia business. Accordingly, the following information is required when submitting an entertainment.

  • Date, place, and amount of expense
  • Name of company, name of individual, and title of each attendee
  • Description of entertainment
  • Business purpose
  • Actual receipts are required Credit card statements are not sufficient for the reimbursement.

Combining Business and Personal Travel
Business and personal travel may be combined if there is no incremental cost to Medallia. Any personal portion of a business trip must be disclosed to direct manager and Medallia Travel prior to booking the trip.

Medallia Travel will identify the incremental portion of the trip that represents personal activities during the booking process. The incremental cost of the personal airfare portion (changes to the original ticket, additional stopover, different travel dates, extra transaction fees charged by the agency) of the trip will be calculated and documented by an agent. This applies to billable trips as well.

Any differences in airfare due to personal travel will be identified to the employee. The employee is responsible for this fare difference and will need to repay Medallia by either agreeing to have the amount deducted directly from the next paycheck, or writing a check to Medallia for the full amount owed within a week of the ticket being issued.

Any incremental cost of the personal portion such as extra hotel nights stay, additional car rental, meals and extra airport parking days must be directly paid for by employee and may not be submitted through Concur Expense. Please note – the personal portion of the rental time is not covered by Medallia insurance – the employee should make certain that their personal auto insurance will respond to any loss.

Spousal, partner or family expenses are a personal expense and will not be reimbursed unless pre-approved by the Leadership as part of Medallia sponsored event.

List of Non-Reimbursable Expenses

The following are examples of non-payable/non-reimbursable expenses. This list is not all-inclusive.

  • Airline Club membership fees
  • Doctor bills, prescriptions, over the counter medicine, vitamins or medical services unless of an emergency during a business trip and not covered by the employee’s medical coverage. Vaccinations necessary for international travel will be reimbursed when not covered by regular insurance.
  • ATM Machine fees and associated bank fees
  • Car Washes
  • Laundry/dry cleaning during trips shorter than seven calendar days
  • Cancellation fees (when not due to unavoidable circumstances, and when a reasonable attempt to avoid the fees has been made)
  • Clothing
  • Commuting costs to/from home and normal place of business
  • Dependent care (babysitting, day care, and pet care)
  • Family/Partner expenses incurred by spouses, children, relatives
  • Expenses that have been or will be paid or reimbursed by an outside source
  • Fines or tickets resulting from traffic, parking, or other violations
  • Golf fees (except when part of the business entertainment)
  • Home internet access
  • Hotel Mini-bar expenses
  • Insurance (including life, accident, flight insurance premiums, and personal travel insurance)
  • Lost, broken, or stolen property (including unrecoverable airline tickets, traveler’s checks, etc.)
  • Luggage or briefcases (includes laptop cases/packs)
  • Newspapers, magazines, books
  • Office Supplies (and items that were not pre-approved or ordered through operations)
  • Personal credit card expenses (finance charges/interest, annual membership fees, and/or late charges associated with personal credit cards)
  • Personal entertainment (Newspapers, In-room movies or video games, books, magazines, sporting events)
  • Personal grooming (shoe shines, haircuts, toiletries, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Software, hardware, accessories
  • Tips greater than 20% of the expense
  • Upgrades for travel (including airline, hotel, and car rental)