Posadas listens to guests in their own words, and takes action

"Medallia allows us to have the information of our guests in an automated, instantaneous, agile way."


Quality and Guest Experience Director, Posadas

Posadas partnered with Medallia to better understand the guest experience at their One Hoteles brand. They built a customer feedback program to look at two things. The first was visibility into the big picture. Were they delivering the brand experience travelers want in an economy class hotel? Meaning, did guests feel it was living up to its reputation for comfortable quality at a fair price. The other thing was an ability to listen to each guest’s individual experience, to see inside the key moments and touch points along the guest journey.

To do this they used Voice of the Customer, to capture comments and scores, but didn’t stop
there. They drilled down into the feedback with Text Analytics to understand the deeper meaning inside the experience data. This intelligence initiated a guest room redesign that reestablished the brand’s promise with their customers.

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