Using world-class integrations to connect Experience Management data

“Medallia and its world-class integrations have helped Andersen position ourselves as an experience company rather than a product company. We're competing with every other business in the world, and we want to provide the best service, and Medallia is enabling us to do that.”

Kelly Aronson

Chief Information Officer, Andersen Corporation

Andersen Corporation is a premier international window and door manufacturing enterprise employing approximately 10,000 people at more than 30 manufacturing facilities, logistics centers, and company-owned retail locations. 

Starting in the Renewal by Andersen subsidiary, which is their full-service window replacement division, the company wanted to provide a world-class customer experience and began using Medallia Experience Cloud to capture the Voice of the Customer. Renewal expanded to Voice of Employee surveys, and the company saw so much success with its Experience Management programs, that it expanded to different touch points and surveys across each division of Andersen Corporation. 

With Andersen teams already using both ServiceNow and Salesforce, the company saw an opportunity to scale Andersen’s Experience Management programs by connecting all of the data together, leveraging both integrations across the entire business.

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