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“We can see how customers are responding to new products and share that feedback to make improvements quickly, versus waiting for a product to launch nationally, only to find out later that we could have made it better.”

- Michelle Brigman,

CX Director, 7-Eleven

From its humble beginning as the world’s first convenience store, 7-Eleven, Inc., continues its pursuit of innovative ways to cater to a new, digital-savvy generation of shoppers. As technology redefines how customers shop, the company makes sure to remain two steps ahead.

7-Eleven needed an innovative partner to push the CX limits. Before the 7Rewards mobile app was deployed, customer service occurred most often in the store. With the company focused on digital innovation, it became clear the internal “service” infrastructure needed to change to support this new consumer-to-brand direct relationship.

Today, “problems” are immediately routed, and resolution is in near real time. With Medallia® and ServiceNow® Customer Service Management, 7-Eleven redesigned the data flows needed to help stores and field employees address customer concerns without delay. The CX team is now more credible in driving change that would not have happened otherwise. 7-Eleven can measure and influence positive change and power exceptional experiences, powered by Medallia and ServiceNow.

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