Webinar Recording

Online Shopper Journeys

Insights on Digital vs. In-Store Customer Behavior

Shopper journeys are becoming increasingly intertwined with digital channels - whether it's pre-trip online research, buy online / pick up in-store, or some other combination of digital and in-person experiences.

In this post-COVID landscape, what drives customers to choose digital channels over in-person, and is there a difference in the quality of their experience? In this session, we share insights from Medallia Market Research to explore:

  • Whether there has been a resurgence of in-person shopping trips now that masks and social distancing are optional
  • When they have a choice, why customers choose digital over in-person shopping
  • Quality of experiences - including in-store vs. digital NPS, customer service interactions, and more
  • Overall Satisfaction benchmarks across industries like retail, restaurants, hospitality, and financial services

Optimizing the various shopping channels for your brand requires a deep understanding of the customers that use them and why. Get the answers you need in this session.

Presented by Andrew Custage, Head of Insights for Medallia Market Research