Revolutionize the way your employees and their customers experience government to increase trust and empower teams.

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Revolutionize the way your employees and their customers experience government to increase trust and empower teams.

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Improve Customer Experience with Medallia

Technology and choice have given the public power like never before. This shift accelerated the pace of change, creating an experience gap between what customers expect of the government and what’s delivered. To close the gap, you need to understand what’s happening and why.

To increase trust in government and empower your team, Medallia® captures feedback, analyzes the data, and helps your team take action to close experience gaps. Our platform does the hard work, helping you understand your customers. Its learning-based AI delivers in-the-moment visibility into customer interactions to drive actions that can transform experiences as they happen.

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Improving the Experience for Those You Serve

Whether assisting an applicant, taxpayer, passenger, farmer, or student, Medallia can help you transform daily interactions in the services you provide.

Align Experience to Mission

CX isn’t just surveys. It’s knowing what you need to achieve your mission. We empower Central Government employees, providing them with real-time, actionable insights so they can best serve the public.

Increase Public Trust to Drive Outcomes

When you understand what’s important to your customers, you can improve public trust and drive demonstrable impacts in operating efficiencies, risk reduction, fix issues, and more.

Solutions for All Customers

If you’re complying with GDPR Guidelines, looking to improve a program, enhancing employee engagement, or transforming top to bottom, our agile solution will meet you where you are.


Engaging Local Communities

At the local level, customers interact daily with government services. Medallia can enhance all local Government systems, including social care, education, housing, and transport, and elevates the constituent voice with richer feedback and robust action management across many touchpoints.

Innovate at the Pace of Change

Local services are more personal and demand ongoing involvement. Quickly identify pain points and rapidly capture feedback so you can continuously implement solutions to address them.

Create a Dialogue with the Public

Comprehensive case management capabilities generate alerts for service teams when an issue arises and allows you to close the loop with individual constituents rapidly.

Engage Elected Officials

Give constituents a seat at the executive table. Communities can connect with officials on what matters most, including ideas on building a better budget with their taxes.


Understand the Patient and Provider Perspective

Integrating and improving the provision of health and social care requires the patient, and citizen experience to be managed across the entirety of the journey - Medallia can improve patient, citizen, and staff experience on a single unified platform. In a post-pandemic era, when care service providers and resources have been stretched like never before, Medallia understands the challenges of protecting, delivering, integrating, and transforming this care delivery space. Together we’ll improve the experience for patients, citizens, customers, and employees.

Data Is Everywhere. Let Us Help You Act On It.

Capture massive amounts of feedback and program data, and turn signals into insights. Identify instantly and in real-time what matters most and what to do next.

Supercharge the Digital Experience.

From telehealth to online grant applications, digital is how we’re interacting. Today patients, agents, scientists, and admins must capture digital signals in real-time to truly understand the customer journey.

Respond Quickly to Public Health Emergencies and Disasters

Receive and effectively act on real-time alerts, quickly diagnose root causes, and automatically trigger a response to the right POCs to improve the experience of your most in-need patients or citizens.


Know the pulse of your campus with always-on engagement solutions for students and staff.

Serve students and empower faculty by anticipating their needs, focusing on what matters most, and continuously improving the education experience.

Drive Enrollment and Reduce Melt

Student Experience isn’t measured via surveys alone. Higher education institutions must continually demonstrate their ability to respond quickly to the needs of the faculty, staff, and students. Medallia empowers you to capture signals from all stakeholders to facilitate interventions, insights, and improvement.

Transform and Optimize the Student Experience

When you understand what’s important to students, you can improve trust and drive demonstrable impacts in services, efficiencies, risk reduction, issue resolution, and more.

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Faculty and staff have evolving needs that are shaped by an organization’s culture. Attune your team to understand those needs as they grow to build an environment that supports faculty and staff, enriches student lives, and supports educational attainment for future generations.

Enterprise Grade Security, Privacy, Accessibility

Our Security and Privacy controls meet the high standards of public agencies and highly regulated markets. Medallia Experience Cloud is FedRAMP authorized at the high impact level and enables companies to interact with the government’s most sensitive unclassified data. We offer solutions that meet the accessibility standards of WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as applicable.