An Employee Pulse Now? Why Always On is Always Best.

An Employee Pulse Now? Why Always On is Always Best.

How the world has changed in just a few weeks!  I was in another country just 10 days ago. That flight home seems like a trip from another world now.

Given the current world situation, customers are asking us, “Should we discontinue or delay our employee pulse survey?” My answer is unequivocally no.  An employee pulse survey (or a micropulse, as we will describe below) is an excellent form of two-way communication between senior leadership and each employee.  During times like these, employees likely want to hear from senior leaders. They likely want to hear that thoughtful decisions are being made to support customers, ensure ongoing business, and change to match the future and care for employees.  Employees may also want to share their point of view, ideas and feedback. One way communication is not enough during this critical time. And two-way communication should drive positive change. “Always on” is the new way of working – not just in times of crisis. 

However, this is not a time for an annual lengthy survey with many questions about tools for remote work, the ability to connect with colleagues, cleaning procedures, etc. This is a time for listening. Employees should be able to express concerns and share ideas, not answer long lists of questions.  Using the power of text analytics is key when it’s supported by a regular habit of reading a healthy sample of comments.  But for now, in these times, here is our recommended micropulse. It contains only three questions—all focused on how the company can support employees. It allows employees to point out what may be needed now, rather than asking them to answer many questions that hope to figure out what is needed in the distant future.

Medallia Quickstart Employee Micropulse:
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We hope you find this helpful in facilitating two-way communication in your organization.

Recommended Micropulse

Example text:  During this time, we would like to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support all of our employees.  Please take a moment to tell us how you are doing and how we can better support you.

I feel supported by my company during this time.  (strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree nor disagree, agree, strongly agree)

In which areas do you feel support could be improved? (Check all that apply)

Technical tools 


Guidelines for this time

Support for employees with family demands during this time

Ways to stay connected

Company communications

Other, please specify:____________________

How could we better support you during this time?  Open-end comment