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Medallia for
Employee Experience

Engage employees in CX

Engage employees for better business performance

Your employees crave feedback but they also crave an outlet to provide their own.  Medallia brings together relevant, timely feedback from your two most important stakeholders – customers and employees – to drive CX, operational efficiency and growth.

Enhance the employee experience

Medallia empowers leaders at every level to take action on employee feedback. Team leaders get feedback from direct reports, while executives and HR teams can monitor macro trends, or analyze the employee journey by group or by event (such as on-boarding or re-orgs), to keep pace with changes in your business.

Analyze employee and team performance

Identify top talent and pinpoint skill gaps by viewing employee and customer feedback at the team or individual level. Connect feedback with HR information systems and operational data to understand relationships between team experience, customer experience, productivity metrics, and more.

Help your teams help themselves

Timely feedback is a powerful tool for learning and development. Give your customer-facing employees real-time feedback from the customers they serve to build and sustain self-improvement. Ensure people managers get regular feedback from direct reports to hone their leadership skills.

Let your employees shine

Empower your employees to come up with solutions to enhance both employee and customer experiences (EX and CX).  Medallia collects their input and delivers it directly to the relevant decision makers, be they frontline team leaders, product managers, CX teams or anyone in-between.  Employees’ ideas not only help solve challenges at the local level, but shine a light on enhancements that can impact the whole company.

Recognize people

Medallia helps teams celebrate progress and positive outcomes for both customers and employees. Spread the news when you hear from – or create – promoters, recognize individual employees through customer and employee “shout-outs,” and share insights and innovations from top performing teams across the organization.


Voice of the Employee: More than Just Measuring Engagement

Learn more about the importance of staff feedback and engagement in the context of CX


“It’s part of our culture as an organization-wide effort empowering our frontline employees with insights on the needs and preferences of our guests.”

Scott Taber
VP Rooms, Four Seasons

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