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Medallia Product highlights from Experience ‘20 Virtual Summit

Medallia Product highlights from Experience ‘20 Virtual Summit

I’m excited to share some highlights from Experience ‘20 today. It was my first Experience at Medallia, and though I missed the opportunity to connect live with our valued customers and partners, it was still an exciting moment as a lot has happened at Medallia over the past year.

Medallia’s CEO, Leslie Stretch, kicked things off with the future of experience management being all about voice, video, messaging and ideas, and we got to see him interview some special guests on how they are adapting in such rapidly changing times and staying connected to their customers and employees.

If you leave with nothing else, remember that Medallia is at the forefront of helping companies stay connected. So let’s get to what we shared.

Broadest Signal Capture

To make every customer interaction better, you need to have a complete view of your customer’s experience from their perspective, whether they are giving you feedback or not. So we expanded our signal capture even further to include the most natural way people communicate: speech. With speech, you can pick up on my tone and my sentiment to better understand how I’m feeling. 

This year we added video. With video, customers – and employees – can give you direct feedback in their own words and you can pick up on the nuances in their voice, see their facial expressions and body language. You can understand their experience immediately and share internally to scale empathy and inspire action. And you get 6x more information from video than an equivalent open-end text response. Medallia’s recent acquisition of LivingLens enables companies to capture deep emotion and engender empathy at scale, with AI-powered insights and a rich media library that can be accessed quickly and easily and used to humanize feedback.

Another popular use of video is market research, an area long overdue for innovation – especially today when in-person focus groups and ethnographic research are off the table. That’s why we launched Medallia Insights Suite, which can combine the power of video and the power of crowdsourcing, to get input and feedback that can inform decision-making. 

Video isn’t the only place people talk. In fact, phone calls are still one of the most popular ways people interact with brands. It’s how serious problems get surfaced and solved. Think about the millions of calls you get every year that you’d like to make sense of and improve. Our newest product launch, Medallia Speech, is purpose-built to perform voice-to-text transcription and analytics at scale with a focus on speed, accuracy, ease of integration, and low cost of ownership. With Medallia Speech, contact centers can improve their key KPIs, uncover opportunities to drive self-service, identify customers at risk, and identify the most critical areas on which to focus customer experience improvements. Medallia Speech is already analyzing 400 hours of calls in just 60 minutes.

Intelligent Platform

Once you’ve captured a vast array of signals, you need artificial intelligence to make sense of them. Our Athena AI engine continues to break new ground with machine learning and natural language processing on experience data. Athena AI processes billions of experience signals and uses machine learning to surface predictive and proactive insights, putting real power into the hands of employees.

I’m excited to share several new features being added to our Athena Action Intelligence product. Athena Action Intelligence surfaces suggestions embedded in customer and employee feedback that are likely to have the greatest impact on satisfaction and identifies customers with a high likelihood of risk. And now, Athena Action Intelligence predicts the type of risk, such as churn, legal or unresolved issues, and identifies customers with an opportunity for additional sales. In addition, Athena Action Intelligence includes a new Customer Effort Scale which shines a light on the parts of the customer journey that cause frustration – whether a bad process, unintuitive user experience, or untrained staff. Athena Action Intelligence makes it super easy for companies to know where to focus their time and effort, which customers need attention and what changes could have the biggest impact.

Connecting and Empowering Employees for the Biggest Impact

And with all these insights, it’s employees who take action and make a difference. They are the custodians of your brand. And keeping employees engaged and empowered can make or break your business, which is why it is so critical to stay connected with them, now more than ever. Annual – and even quarterly – feedback surveys miss the heartbeat of the employee as their experience unfolds each and every day. This is why Medallia just launched a Quickstart Employee Micropulse solution, an always-on 3-question survey with embedded video and text analytics that can be deployed in days. 

In addition to staying connected, employees want to be heard. Medallia Crowdicity is an idea generation and management platform to crowdsource ideas from employees, customers, partners, and the public. With Medallia Crowdicity, organizations can listen, co-create, and innovate with their stakeholders, propelling their objectives forward quickly. In fact, the UK government is using Crowdicity to find new testing solutions for COVID-19.

It’s important that employees strive to get each and every interaction right, so we’re especially excited about our newest Athena-powered product, Coaching Intelligence, planned for later this year. Coaching Intelligence will uncover how customers like working with your team. It’s planned as a supervisor’s dream – they can see the behaviors customers love and those they don’t, providing teachable moments for the entire team. Coaching Intelligence will raise the performance bar for everyone, creating a better experience for our customers. 

And finally, transactions and actions happen in other systems so our partner ecosystem is a huge part of our story. We collect experience signals from third-party platforms and we provide the voice of the customer, employee signals, and insights to other platforms to drive action. Last year we announced strategic partnerships with Salesforce, Adobe, and ServiceNow. And this year I am excited to announce new partnerships with Workday and Microsoft Dynamics. 


With the broadest signal capture, the most intelligent platform, and the tools to connect and empower employees – including integrations with a wide range of platforms – Medallia enables you to stay deeply connected to your customers and employees and empowers LiveTime action across the enterprise. Now is the time to re-imagine the experience you provide to your customers and employees. Let us know how we can help.