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The Medallia Way

Technology and choice have given customers power like never before. The pace and impact of changing demands is unrelenting and companies often have difficulty keeping up with their customers. We use a proven method to help companies anticipate customer needs and adapt their organization to meet them. We call it Operational Customer Experience Management (OCEM) and hundreds of brands have embraced it for bottom-line impact.


Analyze experience data from every touchpoint to derive truths & trends across all customer journeys.


Ignite each employee with relevant data to help them take the actions that matter for their customers & business.


Create a unique culture and system that evolves with customers to deliver business impact.

Close the distance between employees and customers

Medallia Experience CloudTM engages every role in a company with the customer experience data that is relevant to their job. Surface critical insights and hard truths about your customers and drive action throughout your organization where you might be falling short. Medallia Experience Cloud helps everyone in your organization — from the storeroom to the boardroom — make smarter, more informed decisions based on the pulse of your customers.

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Feedback Management

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Performance Measurement

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Analytics and Insights

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Company Engagement

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Action Management

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Reputation Management

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Enterprise-Grade Platform

Medallia Experience Cloud helps the world’s leading brands optimize their customer experiences. We’re more than software — we’re a platform to fuel your business.


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“I am 100% serious about this customer experience program. It’s going to be my legacy—to create a customer experience that fits with our tag line ‘The Best or Nothing.’”

Stephen Cannon
President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz

“Since partnering with Medallia…we’ve driven $2 billion in additional payment volume, as well as helped to enhance over 90 million customer experiences.”

Ellie Diaz
Vice President of Customer Engagement, PayPal

“Medallia for us is the engine that makes the whole thing run; they provide the tools for us to easily get, in real time, feedback from the customer and then do something about it.”

Tim Teran
SVP Consumer Insights & Strategy, Macys

“Having accessible customer data enables our hotels to truly understand and connect with our guests as we strive to always exceed their expectations, and create great value in choosing Four Seasons.”

Scott Taber
VP Rooms, Four Seasons

Service the Medallian Way

While others have services professionals, at Medallia we have Medallians. Many of our Services people have either been a customer or partner of Medallia or worked within our customers’ industries. Our expertise has lead to a 100% implementation success rate.

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Open platform, unsurpassed scalability

Medallia Experience Cloud is proven to scale across thousands of employees in the largest global organizations. Embed the customer in every part of your operations through flexible configuration and easy integration with other systems and third-party applications.