3 Steps to Providing a Better Meal Delivery Experience

3 Steps to Providing a Better Meal Delivery Experience

Digital orders and off-premise dining were trending long before shelter-in-place requirements forced restaurants worldwide to close dine-in services. Social distancing has not satiated guests’ hunger for convenience. Now more than ever, guests expect restaurants to deliver dine-in quality meals, directly to their homes with minimal guest effort. 

Restaurants worldwide are scrambling to keep up with the new demand and operational issues that arise daily. Ones with know-how are embracing strategies that empower them to drive both short and long-term solutions to help retain their new digital guests. Here’s how a restaurant can use Medallia’s active experience approach to deliver off-premise experiences that keep guests coming back for more.

Capturing Guest Feedback In-The-Moment

To ensure delivery orders meet guests’ expectations, restaurants can utilize  Medallia’s active experience approach to understand guests’ off-premise dining experience. With Medallia, it’s easy for guests to share feedback via text, in-app, or email immediately after they receive their order. Our real-time text analyses can help a restaurant discover issues, such as moisture problems that negatively impact the firmness of the food. 

Capturing Meal Delivery Feedback In-The-Moment

Solving Immediate Needs with Real-Time Notifications

Food packaging is an unexpected challenge many restaurants face in the shift to off-premise dining. Delivery workers often have to take multiple orders at once or leave meals on porches to avoid contact. The extra unknown travel time makes maintaining quality especially difficult. 

For example, a store manager can see why guests are dissatisfied with delivery orders to develop a quick fix to alleviate some of the problems.  For example, in an effort to reduce the amount of time meals stay in the delivery packaging, a restaurant can update delivery operations to include a notification to guests when meals arrive. 

Finding a Long-Term Solution through Rapid Research

In parallel, the restaurant’s insights team can use this information to find a long term solution quickly—such as developing a new packaging solution. The restaurant could then develop and launch several different package options across geo-targeted locations to validate which package performs best before launching nationwide. 

In order to launch new packaging quickly, a restaurant will need to know if guests see an improvement in the delivery meal firmness and temperature. Medallia’s rapid research tool can help the team seamlessly capture feedback about each test package by targeting location-specific delivery guest segments with additional questions.  These real-time insights can help the product team continue to optimize and test the new packaging.

Guest expectations and behaviors will continue to change. To retain guests and grow your business, empower your entire restaurant organization to act on real-time guest feedback, and transform every dining experience. 

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