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Activate your customers across social channels

“It’s extremely important to manage our social media channels because of their impact on our revenues.”

Michael Morton, VP, Member Services, Best Western


Guide to Social Media Feedback

Learn how Medallia tracks and manages customer feedback across social media channels and empowers frontline employees to take action.

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Improve Search Rankings

Having more reviews on social media can boost your search engine results.

Make Promotions Go Viral

Encourage fans to spread promotions organically through their social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Generate New References and Referrals

Collect advocates’ contact information and ask them for referrals and references to provide your marketing and sales departments with additional high-quality referrals.

Power CRM Campaigns to Promoters and Detractors

Pass customer profile information and survey data to your CRM system so that you can run separate campaigns and promotions for promoters and detractors.

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