More Than Just a Month: What is Black Culture?

wo Black women are sitting in a park; one is turned to her friend smiling as her friend shows her something on her iPad

Here at Medallia we often hear “bring your whole self to work,” and one way we foster the safe spaces to allow everyone to do that is by continuing to learn about one another and sharing our cultures. 

This Black History Month, we are focusing on the Black experience. And we are opening up our celebrations and education by answering, “What is Black Culture?” Welcome to our cookout, hold the raisins.



Kori Barnes
Customer Success Manager, Medallia Zingle

Black culture is a badge of honor. There is a privilege in being able to say that while Black culture is diverse globally, the way that our influence impacts the world will never change.

William Long
Professional Services, Senior Analyst POC Team

Black culture is an energy that we all can feel. Black culture is alive. Black culture is the art that we open our eyes and see every day. Black culture is love.

Patrice Enoe
Learning and Development Director

Black culture is contagious. It’s soca, hip hop, reggae, R&B, it’s life. It’s knowing not to put raisins in your potato salad.

Ariel Jones
Solutions Consultant, Healthcare

Black culture is innovation and purpose beyond self. It’s knowing that your gifts are gifts to the entire world.

Christopher Randolph
Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Talent Strategist

When I think about Black culture, the first thing that comes to mind is joy. When you see Black people together, from the food we eat being soul food to listening to oldies, to just family — it’s a sense of joy, it’s family. And when you get all of that together, it’s hard to not be happy.

Dheena Allen
Professional Services, Program Manager

When I think about Black culture, I think about the arts, I think about social economic conditions, I think about the contributions to this beautiful country of the United States of America. I think about who we are as it relates to our ancestors and where we came from. I think about Africa and all the influences that we brought here as slaves, and some of us not as slaves — influences into music, into food, into community, and having it be established throughout U.S. history. So when I think about Black culture and all the contributions that it has displayed in this world that we live in today, there is not one piece of entertainment, history, or invention that Black culture has not been a contributor to.

Lauren Smith
Marketing Manager, Public Sector

When I think of Black culture, I think of community and creativity coming together. It’s this foundation of so much love and so much respect for our community and where we come from, and yet this fierce individuality that we see with every generation and each person with our unique experiences that we bring to the table. And how we interpret and express that love for our Blackness. Black culture is resilience and joy. There was so much erasure that happened when we were brought here, and yet our ancestors did not allow that to define us. Instead they created something new that continues to evolve and inspire mainstream culture today. From the way we dance and sing and tell our stories, to the resourcefulness in our innovations and ideas.


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