Valuing Every Person & Every Experience: Global Week of Giving 2022

A collage of several Medallina teams coming together to volunteer their time for global week of giving

At Medallia, our mission is to help organizations create a culture that values every person and every experience. We hope to lead by example, and one way we do is through our annual Global Week of Giving (GWG).

In just one week, we had over 200 Medallians volunteer more than 500 hours and donate approximately $20,000 to support nonprofits impacting Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, and the United States. Medallians helped redesign surveys to assist Black and Brown female entrepreneurs get more access to capital, provided resume feedback to Latinx professionals, supported underserved communities with hot and healthy meals, and so much more.

These events were a fantastic way to increase engagement, a sense of belonging, and retention at Medallia: 96% of Medallians who participated in Global Week of Giving reported feeling a sense of pride working here, 94% felt closer to their fellow Medallians through GWG, and 90% stated GWG helped them feel a sense of belonging.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our global champions. They exude what it means to live our mission, and it’s my true pleasure to spotlight three leaders at Medallia who made Global Week of Giving so special: Ximena Adriana, Tomas Vesely, and Sabrina Truong.

Ximena Adriana

Solutions Consultant, Mexico City

Why did you get involved with Global Week of Giving? 

There’s so much happening around us all the time, and there’s always an opportunity to not only help others but also to learn and grow. I’ve been working with climate change organizations for a long time, and I feel very passionate in particular about creating awareness around waste management in big cities, like the one where I live — so I knew I absolutely wanted to be part of GWG when I learned about it.

As a new Medallian, I love working for a company that proactively engages and supports employees in their efforts to give back to their communities.

How can people support your community? 

Being responsible and aware of the way we dispose of our waste is something we can all learn about and work on all year-round! If you live in Mexico, here are some amazing people and organizations doing fantastic work on this subject from which we all can learn and support: PloggingMX, Zamá Ecology, Hagamos Composta, Bike Recycling, Ecolana, and Trae Tu Itakate.

Tomas Vesely

Engineering Senior Director, Prague

Why did you get involved with Global Week of Giving?

We are living in a hurry, steadily focused on business areas — but from time to time it is necessary to take a break to channel our gratitude and build connections between our teammates.

Global Week of Giving is a great opportunity for that, especially because it’s filled with something meaningful for our communities. It was inspiring to witness what Medallians all over the world were doing, and I am proud that I and the Prague-based Medallians had a chance to be part of it.

How can people support your community?

Here in Prague, we established a collaboration with Toulcuv Dvur, which is an eco-farm in the city keeping the traditional way of farming cattle/livestock, while also providing educational programming on conservation and promoting diversity and inclusion in the environmental protection movement. This place is very popular for their volunteering days, where various companies help them with work such as seasonal maintenance, assisting with animals, farming, and more.

We’ve already participated twice and will continue next year, as we plan to arrange volunteering events again in the spring and autumn months. Anyone who is not afraid to do some manual work is welcome to join us!

Sabrina Truong

Administrative Assistant, San Mateo

Why did you get involved with Global Week of Giving?

Global Week of Giving is such an impactful week at Medallia. Medallians are encouraged to support different communities they’re passionate about. The past few years have been tough, so I wanted to get involved to give back to my community.

I was fortunate enough to help lead an in-person volunteer event with Samaritan House San Mateo on one of their busiest days of the year. Samaritan House is leading the fight against poverty in San Mateo County, as they are working to keep everyone in the community fed, clothed, healthy, and housed. A group of amazing San Francisco Bay Area-based Medallians came together to volunteer our time, supporting their kitchen and food drive-thru. 

How can people support your community?

I think a great reminder is that anyone can support their community by donating funds and/or goods, volunteering in-person, or joining events virtually! With Samaritan House San Mateo, there are so many great ways to support them. Anyone can visit to donate funds and goods or host a fundraiser. If you’re local to San Mateo, volunteer in person! Creating a World Where Everyone Has a Voice

Global Week of Giving proved to be another tremendous success in 2022, and we’re building on the momentum as Medallia’s commitment to give back continues throughout the year.

In 2017, launched after several Medallians expressed their desire to support communities further. Today, employees across departments, levels, and locations participate to benefit communities globally. We’re partnering with mission-driven nonprofits serving the most vulnerable to make a real impact.

Learn more about Medallia’s commitment to giving back and our social and civic impact arm,