Fostering Inclusive Employee Experiences with Global Week of Giving 2023

Woman is smiling while walking through a field, carrying a tree to be planted

At Medallia, our mission is to help organizations create a culture that values every person and every experience. We hope to lead by example, and one way we do is through our annual Global Week of Giving (GWG).

Earlier this month, the week of November 6-10, was a special week at Medallia. It was our fifth annual Global Week of Giving (GWG), which is our tradition of giving back across our global footprint. And this year was our biggest one yet!

In just one week, we had over 200 Medallians volunteer 600 hours and donate nearly $20,000 to support nonprofits impacting Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mexico, and the US. With 73% more in-person events and 17% more volunteer hours completed than last year, Medallians all over the world helped with initiatives such as helping design Donor Experience surveys, facilitating mock interviews to help caregivers return to the workforce, serving and cooking meals to combat hunger across seven metropolitan areas, and so much more.

At Medallia, we’ve discovered that initiatives like GWG play a significant role in engaging our employees and fostering an inclusive employee experience by giving back together. For this year’s GWG, we saw that:

  • 83% of Medallians who participated reported feeling a sense of pride working at Medallia
  • 88% felt closer to their fellow Medallians through GWG
  • 86% stated GWG helped them feel a sense of belonging

These results were made possible by our incredible Global Champions, who led their regional events from start to finish. They exude what it means to live our mission, and it’s my true pleasure to spotlight four leaders at Medallia who made GWG come to life: Sachin Mirpuri, Karen Hernandez Villegas, Samuel Behr, and Dave Lambert. I asked them all why Global Week of Giving is important to them, and here’s what they shared:

Sachin Mirpuri

Talent Acquisition Partner — Pune, India

Giving food to the less fortunate is something I am particularly passionate about. I believe nobody should witness their family going without food because they were forced to decide between purchasing food or life-saving medication. Global Week of Giving offers us a great opportunity to do that because it is jam-packed with meaningful events for our communities. It excites me, as a Medallian, to work for an organization that actively supports and encourages its employees who want to give back to their communities. I got involved with Sadhu Vaswani Mission located in Pune, Maharashtra. The Mission is engaged in an array of activities, including support in education, healthcare, and soup kitchens.

Karen Hernandez Villegas

Professional Services Manager — Mexico City, Mexico

Medallia’s Global Week of Giving is a great space to connect with my peers and do something about waste management problems that we experience in Mexico City. One of the actions that has the greatest impact on the environment is individuals being mindful of how we consume and correctly dispose of our waste. That is why I loved revisiting our Global Week of Giving event last year with PloggingMx in a fun and different way. For those wanting to learn more about managing waste in Mexico, I recommend: Eco lana, Hagamos Composta, Grupo Promesa.

Sam Behr

Enterprise Sales Associate — London, Great Britain

Medallia has such great perks and provides a great quality of life. We are so lucky to be working here, and giving some of our time back is a way to utilise our privileges for the greater good, which is why GWG is important to me. During GWG, I spent the day at a local London school with The Switch, an education charity helping young people fulfill their potential. I was able to share about my experience at Medallia to help expose students to various jobs & careers. I am now also working on a weekly basis with a charity called Training Link, that matches volunteers with refugees in the UK to provide literacy classes. It’s only 2 hours of my week to give reading, writing, and speech classes but it really feels like I’m making an impact, so I recommend all Medallians to sign into Alaya by Benevity and see what opportunity is right for you!

Dave Lambert

GM & VP of Strategy & Growth, APAC — Sydney, Australia

I love the Global Week of Giving for two reasons: it’s great to give our time and energy towards helping others, and it’s a great way to catch up with the team! The Sydney Team supported OzHarvest, which is Australia’s largest food rescue organisation. They rescue amazing quality food that would otherwise be thrown out, and rapidly give it to people in need. Food insecurity is now impacting a lot more Australians than before, especially with the current economic climate. For everyone: to get involved with OzHarvest, please go to their website. For Medallians: if you want to volunteer, I’ve been really impressed by the activities available on Alaya by Benevity. There’s something for everyone there to put their Medallia volunteer time off towards! 

Thank you to the countless Medallians and nonprofit organizations that have helped Global Week of Giving grow every year! To learn more about our Social Impact initiatives and our commitment to giving back across our global footprint, please visit our 2023 Global Impact Report.