Top Customer Experience Conferences to Attend in 2024

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Explore this list of the top 25 customer experience conferences to attend in 2024.

Every year, some of the world’s most ambitious, curious, and innovative customer experience (CX) professionals come together to network, learn from each other, share best practices, gain insights about effective CX strategies, and discover the latest CX technologies at customer experience conferences held all over the globe. 

Whether you’re looking to attend your first CX event or add new gatherings to your calendar, we’ve rounded up a list of the best customer experience conferences in 2024. 

Best of the Top Customer Experience Conferences

From our complete list of the top 25 customer experience conferences below, we’ve selected a short list of options that are the best of the best in specific categories, including the best for chief experience officers (CXO), experience leaders who oversee customer experience and employee experience (EX), contact center professionals, and for participants looking to join a conference virtually. 

Best for Chief Experience Officers: Chief Experience Officer Exchange

One of the rare opportunities for CXOs from across industries to get together, Customer Contact Week Digital’s annual Chief Experience Officer Exchange stands out among CX events for specifically catering to the newcomer C-level role that’s shaking up the C-suite and broader enterprise and leading the helm of empowered CX teams. 

Best for Contact Center Professionals: Customer Contact Week’s Global Series

Customer Contact Week’s global series of events — including Customer Contact Week in North America, Customer Contact Week Australia and New Zealand, Customer Contact Week Asia, and Customer Contact Week Europe — spans continents, giving contact center professionals all over the world the opportunity to come together, learn, and network.  

Best for Experience Professionals Focused on CX and EX: Experience ‘24

Organizations at the top of the experience maturity curve connect customer experience and employee experience strategies, data, and outcomes, yet many CX conferences offer siloed insights addressing CX in isolation. Medallia’s Experience 24 bridges the gap for professionals, offering tailored tracks tackling CX, EX, and the contact center. 

Best for Online Attendance: Forrester’s CX Summits 

Offering a breadth of CX events worldwide, Forrester’s annual CX Summits in APAC, North America, and EMEA are also available for anyone to join from anywhere in the world virtually. 

Top 25 Customer Experience Conferences in 2024 (by Date)

February 2024

1. Experience 24 February 5-7, 2024 | Las Vegas, Nevada

The innovators and iconic leaders featured at Experience ‘24 are dedicated to redefining what is possible in the experience space. The conference delivers inspiration, hands-on problem solving, and mentoring with some of the world’s most admired brands. Learn game-changing experience management strategies and best practices from the best of the best. You’ll also see how Medallia is harnessing the power of AI and personalization to achieve the extraordinary and bringing you transformative technology in 2024.

2. Future of Customer Contact Conference February 8, 2024 | London, England

The contact center is evolving faster than most companies can keep up. At the one-day Future of the Contact Center, attendees will get insights into how to build better experiences for customers with the latest customer contact strategies. The event’s 30 presentations include best practices for using data and AI, a refresher on the metrics that matter the most now, and expert guidance on improving customer retention. 

3. CX USA Exchange February 26-27, 2024 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

With a 2024 lineup of speakers from industry-leading brands across retail, financial services, travel and hospitality, technology, and telecommunications, CX USA Exchange is an invite-only gathering for senior CX leaders ready to define the next era of customer experience excellence. Interested attendees may request an invitation. Past featured presenters have included executives at Zappos, Marriott, Fidelity Investment, and more. 

4. CCW Australia and New Zealand February 28-March 1, 2024 | Gold Coast, Australia

Customer Contact Week Digital is an online research hub for all things customer service and contact center operations — they’re also the host to some of the industry’s biggest annual conferences and events, bringing together top solution providers and thought leaders to share CX insights. Featured presenters at the flagship Australia and New Zealand Customer Contact Week event include customer leaders from Hyatt, UNSW Sydney, and P&N Bank. 

5. CX+ Summit February 2024 | Mumbai, India

Every year, one of India’s leading marketing industry news brands, Brand Equity, attracts marketing, customer experience, contact center, and digital executives from companies like Allianz, Deloitte, Google Cloud, and Salesforce to take part in informative discussions about the latest customer experience trends, CX case studies, and how market leaders are leveraging data and technology to build better experiences. 

March 2024

6. Adobe Summit March 26-28, 2024 | Las Vegas, Nevada & Online

For professionals looking to leverage better experiences to unlock stronger business outcomes, you’ll appreciate the theme of the 2024 Adobe Summit: “Growth comes from experience.” The summit’s 2024 lineup includes executives from Nike, T-Mobile, Marriott, NFL, and Virgin Atlantic. Featured topics include journey management and personalization, generative AI for customer experiences, experience-led growth for B2B, and analytics for experience-led customer journeys. 

7. Pharma CX Summit March 20-21, 2024 | Princeton, New Jersey

Every year, PanAgora Pharma brings together pharma CX practitioners to discuss how the industry is utilizing technology solutions, data, and design thinking to drive outcomes for customers. Now in its 11th year, the conference includes two back-to-back day-long events, one dedicated to the healthcare provider experience and a second focused on the patient experience. 

8. Customer 360 Symposium March 26-27, 2024 | Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

The Customer 360 Symposium is back for its 11th year. The event, which encompasses the CX Symposium, and the Customer Insights Symposium, will bring together over 150 client-side leaders responsible for creating customer-obsessed strategy within their organizations. The programs will explore how to better use technology to improve CX, the impact of EX in improving CX strategy, and what customers actually want.

May 2024

9. The Customer Show May 7-8, 2024 | Melbourne, Australia

From one of the leading providers of CX events across the globe, CX Network, comes one of the must-attend gatherings for CX professionals in Australia. The conference unites stakeholders across the enterprise involved in optimizing the customer journey, from CX and contact center professionals to marketing, UX, and digital leaders. 

10. CXS: Customer Experience Strategies Summit May 14-15, 2024 | Toronto, Ontario & Online

The packed agenda for this virtual and in-person summit promises to provide attendees with insights on everything from harnessing conversational AI to implementing contactless CX, as well as arm conference goers with best practices from Google, Staples, Tinder, and more on increasing customer lifetime value, ensuring empathic customer communications, and fueling business growth through enhanced CX efforts. 

11. Chief Experience Officer Exchange May 15-17, 2024 | St. Louis, Missouri

Another popular pick from Customer Contact Week Digital, the annual Chief Experience Officer Exchange offers a chance for CXOs across the country to get together and identify solutions to their most pressing business challenges. This event is by invitation only; however, interested leaders can request an invitation online. Past speakers and participants have included executives from Macy’s, AMC Networks, Mastercard, and more.

12. Connections 2024 May 22-23, 2024 | Chicago, Illinois & Online

Salesforce’s Connections is an annual gathering hosted in person and online that attracts 10,000 customer-focused professionals from across industries and is dedicated to helping brands foster lasting customer relationships. Past sessions have offered insights into using AI, data-powered insights, personalization, and more to strengthen customer outcomes. 

13. Forrester CX APAC May 28-29, 2024 | Sydney, Australia & Online

Each year, Forrester hosts a global series of CX forums to showcase actionable CX strategies and methods based on Forrester analyst research that customer experience, marketing, and digital leaders can put to use to get ahead of the curve and drive meaningful change. For APAC-based professionals, CX APAC is your chance to get the latest research, frameworks, and case studies from Forrester as well as make important connections with industry peers.

14. Connect 2024 May 29-31, 2024 | Austin, Texas

From CMSWire, a leading publication covering all things digital customer experience, CMSWire Connect launched in 2015 and has since grown into an annual customer and digital experience conference that attracts participants and attendees from across industries. Event organizers promise opportunities to get a behind-the-scenes look at world-class customer experience teams, network with peers, and unlock fresh customer experience learnings. 

June 2024

15. Customer Contact Week June 3-6, 2024 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Customer Contact Week’s flagship annual conference has been connecting CX leaders for more than 25 years and offers interactive workshops, think tank discussions, case study sessions, networking opportunities, and speaker meet and greets. The world’s leading brands participate and attend — professionals from Uber, Verizon, and Citizens Bank were among the attendees in 2023. 

16. CX North America June 17-20, 2024 | Nashville, Tennessee & Online

The theme of Forrester’s 2024 flagship CX forum in North America is tying CX with customer-obsessed growth. As CX teams face increasing pressure to increase loyalty and customer retention, Forrester’s three-day conference featuring 100 sessions led by 60+ analysts offers insights for moving the needle on customer outcomes through building out a customer growth engine that ties CX to business goals. 

17. CX EMEA June 25-26, 2024 | London, England & Online

Now is the time for bold moves in CX, for aligning people and processes across the organization to deliver improved outcomes. At this year’s CX EMEA, Forrester’s team of analysts will present the frameworks, research, and best practices backed by case studies that CX, marketing, and digital professionals can use to innovate and advance. 

July 2024

18. CXFS July 15-16, 2024  | Boston, Massachusetts

FinServ CX professionals, this annual gathering is for you — join leaders and change-makers from banks, fintech innovators, wealth management firms, insurance companies, and more for insights on how to win new business, stand out among the competition, and keep your clients satisfied with a solid CX strategy. Past attendees have hailed from major financial services organizations like StateFarm, TD Bank, Mastercard, and CapitalOne. 

19. Customer Contact Week Asia July 16-19 | Singapore

Transforming customer interactions through AI and automation is one of the major themes of the 15th Annual Customer Contact Week Asia. Expert presenters will discuss the rapidly evolving contact center landscape and how leveraging technology is critical for future-proofing the contact center. Past attendees have included leaders from Johnson & Johnson, ANZ, and IKEA. 

20. CX Retail Exchange July 2024 | London, England

For senior customer experience leaders working in retail, the exclusive annual CX Retail Exchange is available by invitation only. Those interested in attending can request an invite as well as request access to the 2024 agenda. Past speakers have included leaders from Carrefour, Nike, Samsung, Uber Eats, and Google. 

To Be Announced Dates in 2024

21. Customer Contact Week Europe

Customer Contact Week’s annual gathering in Europe brings together contact center, CX, and digital leaders from the region. In the past, the multi-day summit has tackled timely topics such as automation, AI, and digital adoption, and has featured speakers from major brands that are setting the standard for CX in Europe. 

22. Customer Experience Asia Week 

CX Network returns to Asia with another major event — Customer Experience Asia Week — that draws in CX leaders from across the region for networking and learning opportunities. Past presentations have featured timely discussions of the metaverse experience, the role of AI in CX, the evolving CX tech stack, and delivering hyper-personalized experiences and speakers from years prior have hailed from major FinServ, telecomm, life sciences, retail, and tech brands. 

23. Medallia Connect

Stay tuned for the 2024 schedule of Medallia Connect events hosted globally, where you will gain valuable insights, engage in meaningful discussions, and leave with actionable takeaways to enhance your customer experience strategies. 

24. Digital Customer Experience Summit

For more than 10 years, Digital Customer Experience Summit has featured CX experts from top North American brands, presenting audiences with the latest best practices for linking marketing with digital CX and developing the digital building blocks of a successful CX strategy. The in-person and virtual event offers hybrid networking opportunities for participants to expand their network. 

25. World CX Summit

Offering a truly global view of CX through keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions, the annual World CX Summit convenes thought leaders from across regions for a multi-day event designed to help participants improve their CX strategy, optimize omnichannel customer engagement, and embrace the future of CX across in person touchpoints, digital channels, and the metaverse. 

Why Should You Attend a Customer Experience Conference?

Attending a customer experience conference offers professionals the chance to network with CX leaders and practitioners, learn the latest best practices, and find out about the latest advances in CX technology, all of which can help individuals advance their career and deliver greater outcomes for their employer. 

How to Build a Business Case for Attending a Customer Experience Conference

Attending a conference may require you to take a break from your day-to-day work duties, but by going you can learn new best practices that are to the advantage of your manager, your team, and your broader company. That’s how to make the case for getting permission to attend a conference, by shedding light on the benefits of attending a customer experience conference for your organization. For instance, you can mention what new skills you might gain, insights you expect to uncover, advanced technology solutions you can become familiar with, and the networking opportunities available at the conference. 

How to Prepare for Attending a Customer Experience Conference

Before heading off to the conference, you can prepare by finding out your company’s policy for business travel — what costs they’ll cover and how to track your expenses for reimbursement.

You can prepare for networking opportunities by reading up on the conference speakers, sponsors, and confirmed attendees in advance. While you’re at it, now is also a great time to make any updates to your LinkedIn profile, so you can put your best face forward as you meet and make new connections during the event. 

What to Expect at a Customer Experience Conference

Most customer experience conferences offer a mix of keynote speakers, panels, and networking opportunities and feature presenters and participants from major brands across industries. Some offer virtual and in-person attendance and some are industry- or region-specific events. 

Deliver Amazing Experiences for Your Customers and Employees in 2024

Attend Medallia’s Experience ‘24 February 5-7, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada to unlock the latest best practices from top innovators who are transforming interactions with AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Register today to receive discounted pricing.