Pfizer CentreOne Partners with Medallia to Help Drive Customer Experience

Pfizer CentreOne Partners with Medallia to Help Drive Customer Experience

Pfizer CentreOne, a global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) embedded within Pfizer and a leading supplier of specialty active pharmaceutical ingredients, will leverage Medallia as part of its customer experience initiative. With customers spanning emerging biopharmas and large pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer CentreOne understands the importance of listening to customers in real-time and continuously improving how the company delivers its clinical development and manufacturing services.

The company wants to be known for being the CDMO partner of choice and hearing the voice of the customer is a major step in this direction. They have also partnered with Kantar, a leader in customer experience strategy and customer insights, to help activate their goal of putting the customer at the center.

We recently caught up with Olesya Govorun, Global CX Marketing Lead at Pfizer CentreOne, to learn more about why customer experience is vital to their business.

Why is Customer Experience important to Pfizer CentreOne?

The pharmaceutical outsourcing industry is highly competitive. According to Contract Pharma, the top 10 players in the CDMO market own less than 30% of the share, with the largest players holding only 2%-4% each. This gives customers lots of choice!

At Pfizer CentreOne, we believe that customer experience is an important differentiator for our business. Based on the feedback from current and prospective customers, we know that how we deliver is as important as what and when we deliver. Customers want to be heard and cared for, and mutual trust, respect, and partnership are more important than ever.

Our customers’ molecules are the lifeblood of their business, and we take utmost care in helping them bring their medicines to market as efficiently as possible, based on Pfizer’s own experience in launching innovative treatments. With each new project, we want our customers to experience what Pfizer CentreOne has to offer — expertise, transparency, reliability and care.

How have customer expectations changed over time?

Like nearly everyone else, our customers use Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Uber, and the standards set by these innovative technology companies are impacting expectations for our industry. One example is personalization. Customers don’t want to hear about general capabilities; instead, they want to learn about solutions for their specific challenges and circumstances. In response, our team takes great care to understand customer needs and frame each proposal as a personalized approach.

Another example is simplicity. Life is complex as it is, and a true partner should make the process of doing business as simple as possible. To that end, we recently reimagined our account management system to provide the best support to our customers and give them a single point of accountability.

How important is communication with your customers?

Customers expect transparency. The days of black-box solutions are gone. Our partners want to understand how the processes are working and how their projects are progressing through the system. In response, our teams are creating dashboards and KPIs as a joint vision of success with our customers. By benchmarking ourselves against other industries and getting inspired by best-in-class examples, we can continuously evolve and grow.

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