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Medallia Crowdicity

The ultimate idea management platform

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“Quite unlike anything we have used before and has given us over 12 months’ worth of marketing material in just 5 weeks. Truly brilliant stuff!”

P&G Brand Manager


Crowdsource, Engage, Ideate

Some of the best ideas come from your customers and employees. Crowdicity helps organizations crowdsource ideas quickly, drive a culture of innovation, and increase employee engagement.

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Foster Innovation and Contribution

Benefit from the collective expertise and creativity of your employees, partners, and customers with idea challenges. Improve customer and employee experience, co-create new products and services, streamline processes, and increase cross-team collaboration.


Grow a Community of Innovators

Get input from the people closest to the experience, making input more valuable, credible and likely to drive improvements. Create custom groups of users by interest, department or expertise. Keep them engaged with idea voting, challenge milestones, and shared ownership of new ideas.


Easy Setup and Launch

Get started in minutes — without any technical knowledge required. Recruit your community directly through email, link, or over social channels. Watch new ideas come in and quickly surface insights through community voting and comments.

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By submitting this form, you accept the site terms & conditions and the privacy policy.

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