Medallia Celebrates the World’s Leaders and Innovators in Experience Management

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The second annual Medallia Expy Awards recognized stand out performances by leading organizations committed to experience management, and the impact it has on their customers, employees, and businesses across four categories: Experience Makers, Employee Advocates, Operational Experts, and Creators of the Year. 

A panel of neutral, non-Medallia experience management experts judged entries based on the following three criteria:

  • experience impact (reflected by changes in feedback scores or unstructured data)
  • cultural impact (how the organization thinks and operates)
  • business impact (quantifiable metrics of business growth and efficiency).

And the winners are… 

(drum roll)

Experience Makers of the Year

Allied Irish Bank and TD Bank tied in the Experience Makers category. Both were recognized for using experience management to drive revenue and growth, creating substantially better experiences that strengthened existing customer relationships and built new ones. 

Backed by the C-suite, Allied Irish Bank (AIB Bank) redesigned the mortgage customer journey based on extensive customer feedback and research; introduced an express journey through which now, most customers get a loan decision within 90 minutes, and they saw phenomenal results. Introducing a dedicated mortgage app, where customers can self-serve and have full visibility of their journey, customers NPS has risen nearly 60 points since they implemented the new journeys. As a result, the bank has increased its new business generation and has seen significant cost savings along the way.

“This award represents a big win for our customers in achieving their homeownership dreams and is a major achievement for the MCX Programme.” 

Will Cronin, Customer & Employee Experience Director, AIB Bank

Employee Advocates of the Year

And IBM won this year in the Employee Advocates category. They engaged and empowered employees, from the frontline to the executive suite, through experience management, creating inspired employees, more loyal customers, and a stronger bottom line.

IBM has built a truly dynamic advocacy program across a vast global organization, collecting feedback on over 20 touchpoints, across 100s of product offerings. The mission they set out was 1) Incorporate feedback into every business decision, 2) Engage every customer with empathy, and 3) Activate all employees around client centricity. To do that, they launched an employee advocacy program that included initiatives such as: designating an Advocacy Champion in every business unit to drive advocacy within the organization, empowering employees with resources to fix customer problems, evaluating the most effective closed-loop-feedback responses, through blind peer reviews, and more. As a result, IBM has seen tremendous NPS improvement across key client experiences such as Sales, Services Delivery and Product Use; and because clients truly see the power of their feedback, survey volumes have also seen double-digit growth.

“Time and again, IBMers worldwide have proven that they are committed not only to acting on client feedback but also to ensuring that every client has the best possible experience with IBM.”

 – Kathy McGettrick, Client Advocacy Officer & VP, Market Development & Insights, IBM

Operational Experts of the Year

Future Generali India took the Operational Experts category. Their use of experience management to improve efficiencies and reduce costs by removing barriers, reducing friction, and improving the way the organization operates.

This insurance company has done incredible work to break-through the traditional way of doing business and built simpler, smarter and dynamic processes, which are customer-centric. The organization listened to the voice of its customers to identify and act on three main initiatives: 1) Keep customers informed throughout the claims process, 2) leverage digital platforms to communicate, 3) speed up turnaround time on claims processing and settlement, including using live video streaming. These efforts have driven double-digit NPS improvements year over year and substantial cost savings, as well as new customer acquisition.

“Placing our customers and partners at the heart of everything we do at Future Generali and investing in our employees to take this lead has been and shall continue to be our key to success.”

– Hari Shankar Mishra, VP – Customer Experience, Future Generali India Insurance Co. Ltd.

Creators of the Year

Renewal by Andersen won in the Creators of the Year category. They used experience management to drive innovation in their products or services, changing the game for their organization and the industry. As a result of their innovative approach to CX, Renewal by Andersen has changed how they approach and deliver their services. It started with the decision to share the voice of the customer with everyone: their leadership, their entire frontline field service team, their third party retailers and even their customers themselves. They not only make the scores and comments available, but they created a Signature Service, new training videos and even a CX podcast – to elevate the voice of the customer to the center of everything they do. This has empowered everyone at this company to innovate on how they deliver their installation services, driving sales and customer loyalty as a result.