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IBM’s Focus on The Customer Experience with Purpose, Agility, and Empathy

IBM’s Focus on The Customer Experience with Purpose, Agility, and Empathy

Leslie Stretch, Medallia CEO, and Michelle Peluso, Chief Marketing Officer of IBM @ Experience ’20

Michelle Peluso, Chief Marketing Officer at IBM, joined Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch during Medallia’s Experience ‘20 Virtual Summit to talk about how IBM has adapted to the changes that come with a remote working environment. Michelle mentioned three words she thinks of when it comes to this topic: purpose, agility, and empathy. Watch the MasterCast on demand. 

Purpose means that IBM should focus on being purposeful to their clients, using their resources wisely to meet their needs. Agility means that the teams at IBM can’t predict the future and should be ready to change when the climate changes and constantly optimize their processes. Lastly, everyone is going through troubled times, and empathy is especially important now. It is where customer experience starts.

Leslie asked Michelle how the customer journey and employee experience has changed.

“The values are the same. The mission is the same. The means are changing fast,” Michelle said. She stated that what her customers needed only a few months ago is not what they need right now. The basics are still the same, though. As marketers, they must deeply understand their clients. And right now, that job is harder than ever, making feedback even more important.

Medallia is very important to IBM, allowing its teams to understand clients’ wants and needs in the moment. From this feedback, IBM learns what they can do better and how they can improve the experience for their customers. It also acts as a tool for managing their workflow, ensuring that clients’ demands are met in a timely manner. Michelle said that without this tool, they would be blind — especially now.

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