Celebrating CX Day and the Power of Customer Experience

Graphic that reads Happy CX day in addition to a collage of Medallians

This year, we reflect on why we love the CX industry — and why personalizing every experience is our North Star.

This may be the first CX Day I am celebrating as CEO of Medallia, but customer experience has always been at the heart of my approach to business. I’ve seen firsthand how important it is as a customer, and as a business leader. 

Delivering seamless and consistent experiences from the moment customers click on a website, visit a store, or speak with a contact center agent, and everything in between, isn’t easy. But it’s what drives customer satisfaction and retention, and helps keep customers coming back for more.

That loyalty is how the most admired companies in the world built their brands, how the fastest growing companies keep growing, and how the savviest companies stay ahead of the competition during challenging times.

That’s the power of customer experience.

I want to sincerely thank all of our amazing customers and all the professionals who make up this industry for the incredible work you do every day to help deliver meaningful experiences to your customers. 

The Power of Customer Experience

CXPA’s theme for CX Day this year couldn’t be more appropriate: “Good CX delivers better outcomes for customers, employees, and organizations.”

The strongest brands are the ones who have the deepest understanding of their customers and employees. They know their customers and really hear their employees. What makes those brands great is not any one experience they deliver, but the personal connections and trust they build over time. 

Think about your favorite brands today and how those early bonds may have formed. I imagine many of you have stories of a bank teller who knew your name, a barista who knew your order, or a boss who always took the time to ask about your family by name.

Those personalized experiences are what make people happy and bring them back the next time. When it happens again, and again, and a company really understands and continually meets the expectations of their customers and employees, trust is built and relationships form. 

Personalizing Every Experience to Deliver Great CX

Experiences are critical, but the relationships are what last and why customers return, spend more, and refer companies to others. It’s why employees stay engaged, loyal, and when they do their best work.

That is what great CX is, and why Medallia’s North Star is to personalize every experience. Those examples from above were far easier when those companies were much smaller, when most interactions were in-person, or even on the phone, before the digital revolution.

Every experience is an opportunity for brands to build trust and a personal connection. Companies have long talked about personalization, but the reality is that it’s extremely hard to do consistently across every interaction in today’s world.

We at Medallia have an incredible opportunity to help the biggest companies in the world more easily deliver personalized experiences at scale through the depth of our data, smarter automations, and the most sophisticated artificial intelligence. 

On this CX Day, I want to sincerely thank all of our customers for their partnership and everyone working in customer experience. We are committed to you — and we will continue to drive innovation to help make your work easier and more impactful.

We know the power of customer experience.

Join us Feb. 5-7 for Experience ’24 as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in the experience industry.