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High-Performing Cultures and the Customer Experience

A company’s culture plays a huge role in the quality of its customer experience. It determines how employees handle unexpected problems, how they react to stress, and how much ownership they feel over the quality of their work.

When you look at customer experience leaders like Southwest Airlines, Apple and Starbucks, the reasons for their cultural success can seem frustratingly abstract. But research has found that there are actually specific factors behind cultures that foster creativity, persistence, collaboration, and high performance in general.

So what are those factors?

In this webinar recording, Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi, former McKinsey & Company consultants and authors of the New York Times best seller Primed to Perform, reveal the answers. Using decades of academic research and their own proprietary data on over 50 major companies, they share an empirical basis for why our performance is fundamentally driven by our motives, and how culture affects those motives. They also show how leaders can redesign their cultures to inspire the highest performance in employees and the best experiences for customers.