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B2B VoC Webinar Series, Part 1: Effective Governance—Turning Insight into Action Throughout Your Organization

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Turning Insight into Action Throughout Your Organization

Steve Bernstein, Partner, Waypoint Group
Sam Keninger, Director of Product Marketing, Medallia

Customer success is an integral ingredient in every Business to Business (B2B) company’s profitable growth. We are in an era of mutual value creation with our customers, so every part of the organization must understand its role in helping achieve customer success. Since B2B customers interact with sales, support, distribution, and even finance and legal, it can be hard to bridge the gap between all departments.

Join special guest Steve Bernstein from Waypoint Group, along with Medallia’s Sam Keninger, for an engaging webinar that discusses how to execute effective governance in your VoC program to take action, grow account relationships and increase loyalty.

During this webinar, we will discuss real customer case studies and will show how you can:
• Be a catalyst for organizational change so that customer success is a focal point for every department.
• Gain adoption from each department to truly put VoC in motion and ensure that effective solutions are embedded in the company culture.
• Create a unified message of customer success across the journey, not discretely within touchpoints.
• Implement a system for closed-loop reporting that dives down to the root cause of “pain points” rather than simply identifying symptoms.
• Drive real actions with Medallia scorecards, depicting a 360-degree view of your customer at each step of the journey.