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Deliver live-time, personalized experiences
in a mobile-first world

“Never imagined what messaging was capable of and the relationships that could be built with it.”

Heather Avila, Chief Operations Officer Weight Watchers


Zingle by Medallia

Learn how you can service customers in live-time, streamline operations with automated workflows, and drive revenue.

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Build scalable, brand-differentiated experiences

Customers today expect near instant-response, personalized, and low-friction experiences. Zingle is an intelligent messaging suite to improve and streamline the service experience for your customers and brand.

Live-Time, Personalized, Experiences

Live-Time, Personalized Experiences

Interact with customers in their preferred messaging channels as experiences happen. Communicate with your customers when, where and how they want via SMS, MMS and Social Messaging Apps.

Frontline Employee Efficiency

Frontline Employee Efficiency

Make your team smarter and more efficient with AI-Driven messaging automation. Automate custom communications and use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to recognize customer intent and respond accordingly.

Drive Revenue as Experiences Happen

Drive Revenue as Experiences Happen

Target the right customers and prospects with relevant offers at the right time and convert more business.

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