Medallia Experience Orchestration: Personalizing Every Experience for Every Customer

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Here’s what you need to know about Medallia Experience Orchestration and how it personalizes customer experience individually at scale.

Ever wonder about extending the value of insights from customer signals? As a customer experience (CX) professional, you’re tasked with not only observing what happens before and after receiving customer feedback, but also implementing changes affecting experiences in the moment.

Doing so through experience orchestration brings personalization to the customer journey at scale. Your organization controls costs, improves conversion rates, and strengthens customer loyalty because of the reduced gap between receiving insights and taking action. It takes only a handful of key elements for experience orchestration to be successful, and experience orchestration is the next frontier of customer experience that all top brands are investing in.

Just a few months ago, Medallia launched a platform helping brands use omnichannel customer insights to understand and personalize what customers want in order to provide the best experience. It may sound familiar, right? Every brand wants to deliver experiences delighting customers. But we’re combining real-time interaction management and journey orchestration to personalize every experience for every customer, for individualized experiences.

Medallia Experience Orchestration (MXO) is designed to reduce the gap between insight and action. By extending traditional measurement into engagement strategies, MXO delivers seamless omnichannel experiences at scale. As a result, you understand the dynamic needs of each customer to tailor action in the moment without incurring the high costs previously required by legacy technologies — all while effortlessly engaging with customers on an individual basis.

Personalizing the Customer Journey with Medallia Experience Orchestration: How It Works

In today’s competitive business landscape, delivering personalized experiences that resonate with customers has become crucial for brands.

CX professionals like you have plenty of reasons to embrace experience orchestration ahead of the competition. In an IDC infographic sponsored by Medallia, the research found that 84% of customers believe personalized experiences are as important as a brand’s products or services. Experience orchestration leads to tangible business outcomes, too — including a 25% average increase in profitability.

Here’s how Medallia Experience Orchestration works and what makes it a game-changer for personalizing CX and continuous customer engagement.

#1. Centralized experience creation

Medallia Experience Orchestration provides a centralized hub where all your ideas converge, allowing you to design and launch individualized experiences. By bringing together various touchpoints, MXO ensures your brand delivers consistent messaging and branding across different channels, creating a seamless and unified customer journey.

#2. Flexible and scalable integrations

With MXO, you seamlessly integrate different data, apps, and systems in your tech stack, eliminating silos and ensuring smooth collaboration between different parts of your business. This flexibility and scalability harmonize your operations and customer experience, enabling you to streamline processes and deliver a cohesive experience across touchpoints.

#3. Adaptive engagement profile

Medallia Experience Orchestration’s adaptive engagement profile acts as an always-on assistant, tracking customer behavior in real time. This invaluable tool keeps you updated on customers’ preferences, interests, likes, and dislikes, allowing you to tailor your interactions and experiences to meet their evolving needs. By leveraging this real-time customer data, you engage customers on a deeper level and deliver personalized experiences that truly resonate.

#4. Real-time decisioning and arbitration

MXO enables you to make smart and quick decisions that strike a balance between customer desires and company goals. By leveraging real-time data, MXO’s decisioning capabilities allow you to analyze customer needs and make informed decisions in real time. This ensures that every interaction with your brand is optimized for the best, mutually beneficial outcome.

#5. Journey intelligence and analysis

Medallia Experience Orchestration empowers you to gain valuable insights into how customers interact with your brand. By leveraging journey intelligence and analyzing customer behaviors and preferences, uncover hidden patterns, identify friction points, and optimize the customer journey accordingly. These insights enable you to make data-driven decisions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Benefits of Medallia Experience Orchestration for a CX Strategy

Prioritizing CX right now? Any way you decide to answer, experience orchestration needs to be part of your upgraded customer experience strategy. Experience orchestration introduces several benefits that businesses simply cannot realize otherwise, and Medallia Experience Orchestration takes this to the next level.

Let’s explain the top benefits of Medallia Experience Orchestration for a CX strategy:

  • Closed-Loop Automation | Enhancing Customer Resolution: With MXO’s closed-loop automation, brands can automate customer resolutions in a personalized manner. This solution enables one-on-one interactions through the customer’s preferred channel, ensuring seamless communication. Equipped with Next Best Experience (NBX) guidance, frontline employees can engage customers effectively, resolving issues and providing tailored recommendations. By automating this closed-loop process, brands can enhance customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and drive conversions.
  • Continuous Customer Engagement | Real-Time Action for Lasting Impact: MXO goes beyond traditional CX measurement by extending it into real-time actions. Brands can leverage automated systems to trigger immediate responses based on customer feedback. This continuous customer engagement enables brands to address concerns promptly, improve loyalty, reduce cost-to-serve, and optimize business growth. By actively engaging with customers at every touchpoint, brands can create meaningful connections and build long-term relationships.
  • Next-Best Conversation for the Front Lines | Empowering Customer-Facing Teams: To scale efficiency and enhance customer loyalty, MXO offers next-best conversation capabilities for frontline employees. By providing individualized recommendations, brands equip their teams with best practices that drive engaging conversations. This empowers frontline employees to deliver exceptional experiences consistently, ensuring that each interaction is personalized and valuable to the customer. Through these tailored conversations, brands can strengthen customer relationships and drive positive business outcomes.

With MXO, brands convert the usual tracking of customer experience metrics into actionable insights, enabling them to deliver exceptional experiences, drive conversions, and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Ready to Deliver Personalized Experiences? Meet with a Medallia Expert

Embrace the power of Medallia Experience Orchestration to transform your brand’s CX program and stay ahead of customer wants, needs, and expectations. MXO is a powerful tool unifying CX, enhances your understanding of preferences, and enables you to make quick and informed decisions for every moment in the customer journey.

Leading brands from around the world trust Medallia Experience Orchestration when it comes to personalizing experiences across all channels — including PageGroup and EnBw. Mesut Ocalan, Head of Analytics – Global D2C at B/S/H, says “MXO led to insights that fundamentally changed the way we understand how customers interact with our brands.”

Meet with a Medallia expert — we’ll take you through Medallia Experience Orchestration and personalize every experience for every customer.