Marcus Livesay

Senior Writer, Corporate Marketing

Medallia New York continues to grow, recently moving into larger digs in an area called “the heart of the world,” for the more than 460,000 pedestrians that pass through on its busiest days. The Knotel and Medallia teams partnered to bring Medallia’s aesthetic into the space. Thanks to Knotel, the office opened on time and was a huge success. The new space at 7th Ave. and W. 41st  is home to sales, professional services, insights, marketing and a Bevi machine.

Located in what is possibly the New Yorkiest spot in New York City (the building stands at the edge of the Garment district and Times Square) the streets are a constant flow of cultures, personalities, and tourists, colliding in a zone of entertainment, innovation and business that’s “always on.”

A shortlist of neighbors includes The New York Times, Cafe Grumpy, Viacom, Bryant Park, Morgan Stanley, Kinokuniya, Broadway, Bowlmor Lanes, Barclays, Madame Tussauds, One Times Square and Red Lobster.

The space’s interior extends San Mateo’s unique aesthetic to Manhattan, incorporating open floor plans, lounge areas, group booths, phone booths, exposed concrete floors, art and the “Medallia” carpet. But here, those familiar elements get infused by the flavor and grit of the City.

At global HQ, meetings take place in rooms named for continents, here they take place in Central Park, Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, The High Line, and Rockefeller Center, while century old cast iron radiators line the walls. Views range from giant, billion-watt LED billboards to the iconic, wooden water towers, that pepper the NYC skyline.

Our location is also super accessible. We’re just a short walk from Grand Central, Penn Station, Port Authority and about 19 subway lines. Being so close to so many transit options allows us to easily connect with regional brands. You could say, now all roads (and rails) lead to Medallia.

The truth is many New Yorkers don’t seek out Times Square. They find ways to avoid it. But for all that Times Square represents, the crowds and chaos, this New Yorker is thinking it’s not so bad (luckily, being at the south end of the Square, we’re somewhat spared from it). Sure, there are sirens, horns, crowds, and drummers banging on plastic buckets for dollars, but there’s no other place like it. The bright, beating heart of the City is a thrilling and energizing place for Medallia to call home.