14 Tips & Ideas to Celebrate CX Day

A team planning how to celebrate CX Day

Get ready to celebrate CX Day with the top tips and ideas that show your customers and employees how customer-centric your brand is.

Customer-centric brands love to delight customers — and how do they do it? Investing in customer experience (CX), which allows them to personalize experiences throughout the customer journey.

CX isn’t ‘easy’ to figure out. Consumer behaviors change constantly, and yet the most successful brands are able to keep up by analyzing customer feedback and upgrading their CX strategies accordingly. As the effort is continued to be put in, customers take notice and CX metrics such as customer loyalty and customer satisfaction (CSAT) increase.

Everyone throughout an organization — including employees outside the CX team — deserves to be celebrated for their contributions to customer experience. Luckily, there’s one day throughout the year dedicated to CX.

Let’s explain what CX Day is, when it takes place, and how to celebrate CX Day with tips and ideas anyone can use.

What is CX Day?

CX Day, or Customer Experience Day, is a global celebration of companies and professionals creating great experiences for their customers. It’s an opportunity for businesses to highlight the importance of customer experience and to recognize the efforts of those who work tirelessly to enhance interactions and optimize touchpoints every day.

It underscores the importance of placing the customer at the center of business operations and highlights the value of understanding, meeting, and exceeding customer needs, desires, and expectations.

When is CX Day in 2023?

CX Day takes place on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

As an annual celebration, CX Day will occur again in subsequent years. It always occurs on the first Tuesday in October. CX Day falls on October 1 in 2024, October 7 in 2025, and October 6 in 2026.

Need a reminder? Use a calendar app, such as Google Calendar or Outlook, to set CX Day for the first Tuesday in October every year with reminders delivered a few weeks (or months) in advance.

How to Celebrate CX Day: 15 Tips & Ideas

Organizations in every industry celebrate CX Day. Customer experience, after all, touches both business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) brands.

CX Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to plan your celebration! We’ve compiled a list of tips and ideas for you to celebrate CX Day effectively, whether you’re familiar with customer experience’s official holiday or are celebrating it for the first time. It doesn’t require many resources to celebrate CX Day, and anything you do will go far in motivating employees and refueling customer centricity.

Here are the best tips and ideas to celebrate CX Day.

1. Employee Recognition: Reward and acknowledge staff members — and particularly agents on the customer service team — who have gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional experiences for your brand’s customers.

2. Host a CX Day Event: Organize an internal event or workshop focusing on best practices, innovations, and strategies to enhance customer experience.

3. Customer Appreciation: Offer special discounts, promotions, or giveaways to show gratitude to your customers — in turn, this strengthens customer loyalty

4. Share Success Stories: Highlight and share stories where employees made a positive impact on a customer’s experience. You can do this in a team meeting, a company-wide newsletter, or a Slack or Teams channel.

5. Educational Webinars: Host internal webinars or training sessions to keep employees updated on the latest CX trends and tools.

6. Feedback Collection: As always, encourage customers to share feedback through surveys and analyze signals from other channels. It ties in with the purpose of CX Day, but it also helps uncover valuable insights your brand needs to be aware of in order to improve customer experience.

7. Engage on Social Media: Use CX Day as an opportunity to engage with customers on social media. Share behind-the-scenes looks at how you enhance customer experience, run contests, and host Q&A sessions. Doing so tightens the bond between your brand and its customers.

8. Decorate the Workspace: Liven up the office or workspace with CX Day decorations to remind everyone of the importance of the day and boosts employee morale.

9. Engage with the Global Community: Many professional organizations, such as the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), celebrate CX Day as well. Join online forums, participate in global events, and follow the #CXDay hashtag on social media to see how others are celebrating the day.

10. Customer Testimonials: Share testimonials or case studies showcasing how your experiences and products or services have positively impacted a customer.

11. Invite a Speaker: Invite a CX expert or influencer to speak to your team, offering insights and best practices to continue improving their skills and how your brand tackles customer experience.

12. Create Content: Write blog posts, produce videos, or design infographics related to customer experience and share them leading up to and through CX Day.

13. Interactive Sessions: Organize fun activities or games, such as trivia, that reinforce the importance of customer experience and teamwork.

14. Reflect and Plan: Use CX Day as an opportunity to reflect on past performances and plan for the future, setting new benchmarks and goals for the upcoming year.

Remember, the essence of CX Day is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of improving customer experience — so tailor any of the tips provided, in addition to your own ideas, to best fit the culture of your organization.

Celebrate CX Day with Customers & Employees

CX Day, celebrated globally, spotlights the significant role that customer experience plays in your brand’s success. It serves as a beacon, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a customer-centric culture where businesses prioritize customer feedback. By recognizing employees’ efforts in enhancing customer interactions, organizations not only boost team morale but also foster trust and loyalty among customers.

From everyone at Medallia: Happy CX Day!