Channeling Our Gratitude with Medallia’s Global Week of Giving

Medallia: Global Week of Giving

This week is a special time at Medallia. It’s our employee-led Global Week of Giving (GWG), when all around the world, Medallians are coming together to support the communities in which we work and live.

Understanding and valuing people is at the heart of CX, our product, and our company, so charitable giving has been ingrained from the beginning. In 2018, we took this aspect of our culture to the next level by organizing our first GWG. In just one week, employees at seven global offices collectively gave more than a year’s worth of hours to 14 charitable organizations. 

Here are a few photos that highlight their remarkable contributions:


Now in 2019, we’re excited to kick-off GWG on November 11th, Veterans’ Day in the US where we’re headquartered, and completing the week on November 15th, National Philanthropy Day in the States. Even bigger and better than before, this year we are hosting experiences in 15 offices across 8 countries to support approximately 25 charitable organizations. 

As part of our Pledge 1% commitment to leverage our employee time and products for social good, GWG now spotlights employees giving back to organizations they are passionate about, along with opportunities for nonprofits to learn more about CX. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be up to during GWG 2019:

Employee-Led Fundraising

Medallians have formed nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), communities dedicated to promoting an inclusive workplace. These groups come together throughout the year to offer networking and professional development opportunities, as well as to support nonprofits that benefit a range of causes, from LGBTQ+ rights to closing the opportunity divide. During GWG, ERG members will be fundraising and utilizing our ERG Gift Matching program to reach their goals. For example, our Vets ERG will be raising funds today for USO, to help provide resources and programming that provide comfort and community for veterans. 

In addition, for the sixth consecutive year, during November we are proudly supporting Movember, the leading global charity dedicated to men’s health. Our goal is to raise funds to donate to projects in the areas of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. As we grow, our plan is to provide our technology to organizations like Movember to accelerate their missions.

Employee-Led Volunteerism

Medallians all around the world will be utilizing Volunteer-Time-Off (VTO) to support their local nonprofits this week and bringing their coworkers, partners, and customers to join in on the experience. 

A few offices have even started GWG early — here’s our DC office team, who volunteered at the Capital Area Food Bank to sort 4,000 meals, and our London office, who supported the Maggie’s Centre for cancer patients and their loved ones:

CX with Nonprofits

As experts in Customer Experience Management, we’re excited to use our technology to help nonprofits deliver more — more support, for more people, with more efficiency. By hosting networking events and focus groups with nonprofits, we’ll be providing opportunities for charitable organizations to learn about CX, its importance, and the best practices associated with it. We’ll also be using these events to learn from changemakers and develop a deeper understanding of their goals and the hurdles they face. We hope to deepen our nonprofit partnerships, create new ones, and build empathy for the people we serve.

Celebrate with Us 

We have been extremely fortunate at Medallia, and are grateful for the communities who have helped us get to where we are. If you are able, please join us this week in paying it forward:

  • If you want to get involved on an individual level, we hope you can take some time this week to think about what you’re grateful for and channel it towards a cause that is important to you.
  • If you are a leader of a firm, we encourage you to join the Pledge 1% family to pledge a portion of equity, profit, time, and/or product for social good and join an alliance of companies that are making the same commitment. As we continue our journey we’re finding that our participation helps us unite employees globally, while also attracting people and deepening relationships with our customers who share our values. 
  • If you’re a nonprofit who would like to leverage feedback to further your mission, please reach out to us at

Stay in touch during GWG through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates on the impact we’ll be making!