This Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trend: Your Personal(ization) Style!


2024 is the year of personalization. It’s all the rage, captivating consumers and stealing their attention in every red carpet competitive market. As such, it has become a top priority of nearly every organization, with 69% of brands planning to increase their investment in it. And for good reason:

  • 47% of CX leaders say personalization is a top priority because of clear benefits and ROI
  • 82% of customers say personalization drives brand choice
  • 56% of consumers become repeat customers after one personalized experience

So, the desired outcome is a fresh, tailored fit for every customer. But how do you stitch it all together? The answer is different for everyone and depends on your goals, role, and current capabilities. Your personalization style isn’t one-size-fits-all. Whether you are looking to begin, improve, or perfect how you personalize customer experiences, understanding your style is the first step. Once you do, you’ll exude confidence in your approach and your customers will take notice. 

Introducing our personalization style quiz

Knowing where to begin or how to evolve your personalization strategy may seem like an intimidating task, with so many ways to collect and slice-and-dice data, determine which moments matter most, infuse tactics — and a never-ending finish line. That is why we developed this unique assessment. It takes approximately 90 seconds and evaluates your customer insights, personalization goals, and current capabilities to determine which of four personalization styles, or approaches, you align with most.

Are you a Collector who takes a responsive approach to personalization by collecting customer feedback and behavioral data to tailor content and messaging?

Are you a Coordinator who takes a segmented approach to personalization by creating customer groupings to prioritize experience strategies?

Are you a Designer who has a situational approach to personalization and takes the complete customer journey in mind to meet the unique needs of each customer?

Are you a Curator who has an individualized approach to personalization and orchestrates unique, journey-based experiences for every customer across all channels and touchpoints?

Once your style is revealed, you’ll unlock a world of supporting content, videos, and resources that will help guide you on your own path to personalization — including best practices, organizational considerations, and key solution capabilities that will kick your personalization strategy into high gear! 

Try each on for size

Style is all about having fun, taking risks, and getting noticed. The same goes for personalization. Once you take the path to personalization quiz, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the other approaches and see which fits best. Brands that personalize every experience likely use all styles throughout their organization in a simultaneous and dynamic fashion. 

Personalization looks good on you!

Did you know that only 24% of CX practitioners rate their efforts as highly personalized? It helps to have a solid strategy and action plan that you feel confident in and yields real results. So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz today — and show off your style to your customers.