Medallia helps companies in almost every industry on the planet improve their customer experience. Here’s a small selection of what we do for some specific industries.

Business to Business (B2B).

Medallia understands that businesses as customers are different than consumers. Their financial value is almost always higher, and the sales process is more intensive. We help you track the customer experience across different users, influencers and decision makers, and then route these performance indicators across your organization so it learns and improves. That’s why two of the world’s top three accounting firms, multiple Fortune 50 industrial conglomerates, the world’s leading provider of food services and facilities management, and the world’s largest energy distribution company all rely on Medallia.


Strengthen business ties.

  • Support achieving high response rates. Since business customers are so valuable, attaining high response rates is particularly important. Medallia is able to identify non-responders, facilitate reminders, and highlight when your team needs to engage more heavily in encouraging responses.
  • Recognize and factor-in buying influence within your customers. For all but the smallest business customers, you will have multiple contacts with your customers — all with somewhat different levels of buying influence. Medallia helps you deliver a better customer experience by recognizing and appropriately adjusting surveys to different relationship priorities of decision makers, influencers, and day-to-day product/service users.
  • Effectively manage customer issues identified in feedback to full resolution, and capture and learn from consistent root causes. Customer feedback often highlights a reason to follow-up with a customer directly; follow-up needs to take into account customer size and the role of each respondent — negative feedback from a top executive at a top-10 customer requires a different response approach than positive feedback from a day-to-day user. Medallia gives you fine-grained alert identification, escalation, and notification rules – and provides a summary of final issue resolution.
  • Achieve a 360° view of the customer experience, from the account level through key regions, product lines and other segmentation views. In B2B, there are typically more critical customer interaction points, from sales through installation, service, support, billing and account management. Medallia provides a unified view of all types of feedback, combining an overall satisfaction / “relationship” survey view with satisfaction with each of the key interaction points that collectively constitute the customer experience.
  • Route the right information, the right views and the right workflows to each team member. Your teams are busy with their day-to-day roles and do not have time for long and generic reports. Medallia’s dashboards are tailored to each person’s role and needs, with fine-grained role-specific visibility that is able to adjust to organizational change whether it’s natural staff turnover and mobility, or acquisitions, re-alignments and reorganizations.
  • Adopt and optimize for increasing mobility and mobile technology. Customer-facing staff in organizations that work with businesses are increasingly on the road and rely on mobile technologies like iOS and Android-based devices. With native app support for each of these platforms, Medallia enables your team to see the latest updates on their mobile devices — wherever they are.
  • Integrate with CRM systems. Increasingly, B2B companies are adopting modern SaaS CRM solutions such as Medallia has built-in support for all the main vendors, with integration at multiple levels. For example: summary satisfaction scores at the account and the contact level can be displayed within the CRM. Alerts can trigger tasks within the CRM system.  And staff can link through from the CRM system into Medallia using single-sign-on — so they don’t even perceive the need to access a separate system.



Medallia offers a customer experience management solution specifically designed for retailers — it is used not only by America’s largest luxury retailer, but also by a retailer with some of the highest profitability per square foot in the world. Our comprehensive retail customer solution makes it easy for your entire organization to deliver winning experiences while overcoming the unique obstacles of retail.

Omnichannel feedback.

Collect feedback from all of your customers, including anonymous ones, across every touchpoint. Even with limited or no customer contact information, you can achieve retail-industry-leading response rates in a frictionless, practical way with Medallia’s:

  • In-app surveys with location-aware notifications to capture buyer and non-buyer feedback.
  • E-mail surveys of customers for whom you have e-mail addresses, such as loyalty program members and store credit card holders.
  • Web intercept surveys that include advanced sampling triggers to boost response rates on e-commerce feedback.
  • Sweepstakes (if desired), which augment response rates.
  • Other data collection modes, including social media, SMS, receipt-based surveys, contact center, QR codes, kiosks, comment cards, and more.

Employee engagement.

Retail can be a tough, burn-out business for employees. Medallia helps transform frontline employees into customer experience professionals who find meaning in their work. Our solution links feedback to individual employees by:

  • Integrating with POS transaction data, which usually includes employee number.
  • Searching for specific employee names in comments.
  • Reporting employee-specific data to the employees themselves.
  • Broadly sharing positive “alerts,” which usually name specific employees, to build a positive, customer experience-focused culture.

The result, according to our customers, is a surge in employee engagement.


Facilitate data sharing at the store level —
even without widespread computer access.

Access from anywhere.

A key to delivering excellent customer experiences is consistency over time and across employees. To get everyone on the same page — including frontline employees who may not have ongoing internet access — Medallia delivers:

  • Push reports of key summary data. Employees who can’t (or don’t) log in frequently receive emailed reports regularly. They can also access all reports and actions to close-the-loop on their mobile phones.
  • Daily five-minute “morning coffee” reviews of yesterday’s customer results. Many retail teams start their days with these.
  • Circulation of comment digests for posting in break rooms. “Comments come through Medallia, get circulated internally, and become urban legends,” explained one customer.

Point of sale integration.

To fully leverage your POS data, Medallia integrates it with your customer experience feedback so you can understand the financial impact of:

  • Product and product category preference.
  • Store experience.
  • Call center experiences.
  • Time of purchase.
  • Department experience.
  • Sales associate interaction.

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PMS, RevPAR, CRS, GDS, Folio… at Medallia, we know the hospitality, travel and leisure business. We help 9 of the world’s 10 largest hospitality companies improve their customer experience. With our comprehensive offering, you can think of us as your one-stop shop for guest satisfaction.


Our hospitality-specific functionality includes:

  • Integrated guest recovery across your customer organization, enabling your multiple points of guest contact — hotels, customer service departments, corporate headquarters — to collaborate in winning back the customer. Employees can manage guest cases from all sources (e.g., web surveys, online comment card, contact center) seamlessly from within the Medallia system.
  • Customized reporting for GMs, guest assistance, regional operations, and corporate executives. Medallia tailors web dashboards, work-flows and analysis modules to the unique information needs of different roles.
  • Social media and review site tracking and management alerts your property teams in real-time when new reviews post to popular sites and enables them to respond easily. Medallia Social Rivals shows you how you are doing in social media versus your local competition. Through Medallia Promote, you can also let survey respondents automatically post their responses as reviews on TripAdvisor and other sites.
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Meeting planner system.

Our feedback solution for group business, including large conventions, corporate meetings, and weddings, gives you detailed satisfaction information about all meeting planner touch points, enabling you to improve everything from the initial sale to the on-site contacts and event servicing.


Employee opinion.

We tailor our employee opinion tracking and analysis to the needs of hotels, including phone surveying for low-literacy employees, multilingual surveying for non-English speakers, and ongoing pulse surveying for high-turnover workforces.

Mobile access.

Hospitality teams typically do not sit behind computers. Medallia delivers actions and insights to your team anywhere on your property via our mobile application, and makes them relevant to every member of your team through our mobile role-based reporting.


The car buying experience has changed a lot in the last decade. Product quality between manufacturers has narrowed to the point where, by itself, it is rarely enough. To win and retain customers requires delivering an exceptionally strong total experience — not just in product, but in sales and service, too. Medallia equips frontline dealer staff to deliver such an end-to-end experience — which is why the largest auto company in the world uses us to improve the automotive experience, and why we’re inside the big three luxury manufacturers, too.

Dealer feedback management.

Your brand might own your brand experience — but your dealers own the everyday sales and service experience. Medallia’s track record in helping brands improve the customer experience in highly franchised environments is unparalleled. Our solution not only generates deep insight into automotive customers, but also guides frontline dealer staff to deliver an experience that lives up to your brand promise. Fully utilized, Medallia has the power to transform customers into promoters — who create great word of mouth for your dealers.

Everything comes standard.

  • Understand customers at all touch points: sales, finance, and after-sales service.
  • Engage directly with customers around improving their purchasing and servicing experiences.
  • Close the loop with customers, fostering loyalty that brings customers back not just for servicing, but for their next car purchase.
  • Use native text analytics to quickly and easily identify root causes of frustrations with dealer sales and servicing experiences across all your dealerships.
  • Understand the impact of customer experience on revenue by integrating sales and service retention data with satisfaction data.
  • Enable dealers to easily manage their local reputation and monitor competitors through social media engagement.
  • Build social reputation through Medallia Promote, raising dealer profiles on sites like, Edmunds and Yelp.
  • Learn from best-in-class dealerships and provide insight to zone managers who are coaching individual dealer locations.
  • Empower field operations to deliver a consistent brand experience at every dealer location.
  • Give brand management visibility into the dealership experience.

Financial services.

It used to be that most of our interactions with banks, insurance and investment firms were in person. Today, that’s no longer the case. But these new channels of interaction haven’t decreased the importance of customer experience — if anything, they have only increased it. With Medallia, every interaction becomes an opportunity for financial services and insurance companies to turn a transactional customer into a lifetime one. And that’s why the world’s largest insurer, the world’s largest mutual fund company, and a range of the world’s other leading financial services institutions rely on Medallia.


Invest in relationships.

  • Understand customer impressions across all product lines (savings, lending, credit, investment, insurance), all channels (web, phone, in person at branch), and all market segments.
  • Increase share of wallet through relationship building and closing the loop with dissatisfied personal and commercial clients.
  • Ensure policy and fee changes don’t adversely affect your customer experience and loyalty.
  • Strengthen customer relationships ahead of financial product expiration or policy renewal with relationship management tools designed to help you get the business when it comes time to renew.
  • Ensure your agents are fully competent on your products and services by evaluating performance from the ultimate judge — your customers.
  • Ensure consistent brand experience across interactions at branches, call centers and online channels.


The telecommunications industry is one of the most competitive in the world. The cost of acquiring customers is high, competition is fierce, and customer profitability is directly tied to retention. In this environment, loyalty can no longer be bought. You must earn it by offering your customers a great experience. Medallia helps telcos on nearly every continent on the planet (we’re still working on Antarctica) improve their customer experience.


Make the connection.

  • Understand the journey of your customers as they navigate through your organization. More so than in any other industry, telco customers will interact with multiple touchpoints in a single episode: for example, purchasing a phone in-store, activating it via phone, and managing an account online. Medallia works across all of your channels.
  • Engage your entire organization in the customer experience — with real-time dashboards for everyone from the CEO to front line staff across all telco channels (retail, online, call center).
  • Leverage Medallia’s native support for multiple languages — providing you with a single tool to support your entire customer experience management effort, everywhere you do business in the world.
  • Use multiple modes to solicit feedback — web, email, IVR and SMS — engaging customers however they prefer, and increasing your response rates.
  • Systematically close the loop with customers and take action to improve, save unhappy customers before they churn, and drive greater customer loyalty.
  • Get to the root cause of issues using Medallia’s built-in text analytics — enabling you to quickly make sense of large volumes of unstructured feedback in customer verbatim comments and from feedback that comes through channels such as SMS.
  • Track key B2B relationships with large customers using Medallia Key Account Management.