Why Medallia?

If you want to drive ongoing improvement to your customer experience management program, then you need to find a way to engage with your customers — understand what they’re saying, and then act on their feedback.

That’s what Medallia does.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Listen to some of our customers talk
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What we do differently.

Everything we do is dedicated to improving your customer experience. Here’s how what we do is unique in the CX space.

For your entire organization.

Medallia makes customer experience improvement a systematic, organization-wide effort. We work with you to gather feedback from every customer at every touchpoint, and then embed the data across your organization. Our system doesn’t just give employees the insight they need, but guides them to take the actions required to improve.

    • The voice of your customer on one platform: Medallia gathers the voice of the customer from every one of your touchpoints — the web, social, mobile, location-based, and in your call center — giving you a unified view of the customer experience across your entire organization.
    • Tailored to everyone in your organization: Medallia engages your whole organization by making feedback relevant. We tailor insights and facilitated actions to the day-to-day reality of your organization — from the C-suite to the frontline — so they turn to Medallia as a regularly as their morning cup of coffee.
    • In real time: Medallia’s online analytical processing (OLAP) engine enables you to easily create custom queries on your CX data — even with millions of records — and see the results within one second.

The result: your organization will become highly engaged in improving your customers’ experience.

You focus on the customer, we focus on the engine.

Your CEM program should be about customers. With Medallia you are able to leave the advanced analytics, best practices, and servicing to us, so you can focus on creating a company that your customers love.

    • Advanced social, text and predictive analytics: Medallia has native support for advanced social, text and predictive analytics. This generates insights from reviews and social sites, finds root causes hidden in text, and prioritizes action based on what will generate the greatest improvement.
    • Built-in best practices: Are you trying to determine what kinds of questions to ask, or how often you should proactively ask for feedback? Medallia not only gives you a world-class application for capturing, analyzing and acting on the voice of the customer — but we also have built best practices into our delivery process and product.
    • Customer-centric services team: Our services team is just as focused on your experience as you are on your customers’ experience. We have a 100% implementation success rate, and once you’re live, we’ll work with you everyday to keep improving.

In other words: we provide you with everything you need to run a successful customer experience management program — one that drives an ongoing improvement of your customer experience.