Your guides in improving the customer experience.


Building best practice solutions.

Our implementation team is obsessed with the customer experience it delivers for one very good reason: the best technology means nothing if it’s not properly deployed. We maintain a 100% successful implementation rate, and one of the highest NPS scores in the industry — so you can focus on what’s really important: improving the customer experience.

A proven deployment methodology.

With a proven deployment methodology repeated for scores of clients across nearly every industry, our in-house implementation team can get you up and running within 12 weeks.

And by “up and running”, we don’t just mean a system that’s “on”, but a system that will drive real and immediate organizational improvement right from go-live.

The implementation process exceeded our expectations. When other companies took months… even years to implement, and not successfully, Medallia took weeks and we were up and running. We have an incredibly large and complicated structure, and Medallia implemented seamlessly, with winning attitudes and a knack for excellence.

– Karen Armes, VP of Customer and Market Research, O2


Partners in improvement.

The journey really starts once your Medallia system is live. Think of our services team as your sherpa — guiding and doing the heavy lifting — as you work to improve the experience you deliver to your customers.

The first year after deployment

The first year after deployment, a typical Medallia customer increases their NPS score by five or more points.

That’s not just our system at work — but our expert services team, too. We’ve built a deep understanding of customer experience best practices from our work with leaders in the field across the planet. Our services team will be there with you every step of the way: whether sharing these best practices, upgrading your Medallia system with the latest improvements and capabilities, or guiding you through the evolution and improvement of your customer experience program.

Meet your team.

Here are a few of our folks — who’ll be right there with you.

The Medallia client services team is wonderful. They’re very responsive, and even better, they’re very proactive. I’ve never seen a firm that executes so flawlessly.

– Scott Keplinger, VP Customer Experience and Retention, Aviva

Medallia Institute

Best-in-class CEM education.

The Medallia Institute provides customer experience training that enables participants to not only improve their CX programs, but to also align that improvement with their company’s overall business objectives.

Reimagine your CEM program.

The Medallia Institute offers a certification in customer experience management: giving you the high-level framework to think about everything from setting appropriate business objectives and building accountability into your organization, to developing an active listening approach with your customers. It also equips you with tactical skills that ensure that you’re able to apply what you’ve learned. But one of the best things about the Medallia Institute is that you won’t just learn from us — but from the leaders in customer experience that the Institute attracts from around the world. Sharing ideas across such a diverse group is the best way to fundamentally reimagine the experience you deliver to your customers.

Upcoming Medallia Institute courses.

Join us at one of our upcoming courses.

And if you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

Customer Experience Certification

  • Jun 13, 2017 — Jun 15, 2017


Whether you are just starting or are in the midst of your program, you’ll gain a great perspective on key items to consider.

– Tyler Moseman, PayPal


Medallia’s special forces.

Every industry is different, and every customer is, too. Invariably, as you strive to improve your customers’ experience, you’re going to run into tough problems, and our Insights team members are the ones to take on the toughest of them.


You’re looking to create the best possible experience for your customers. Analytical or methodological challenges are not a good reason to slow your progress. The Insights team’s capabilities are designed to propel your program forward:

  • Business reviews to model, interpret and communicate key CEM data and insights;
  • Customer journey mapping across the various touch points of your business;
  • Goal setting to help put in place the targets your teams should be aiming for;
  • Financial linkage analysis to understand how the customer experience is impacting your financials.

Whether you’re just starting out or are extremely sophisticated in the management of your customers’ experience, you’ll benefit from the unique set of skills this team brings to bear on the most challenging problems.

Download Medallia’s Program Benchmarks →

The Medallia Insights team is a huge differentiator for the company. The team continually exceeds our expectations; in all my experience at Verizon working with different feedback management vendors, I cannot remember this much engagement or support for our program.

– Kim Palenik, Verizon