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How Customer-First Momentum Can Transform Your Company

Medallia: CX

We know how important customer-centricity is to the future success of your organization. So what does it take to build a customer-centric culture, even when faced with resistance? Our Driving Culture and Accountability track at Experience ‘18 was designed not only to answer that question, but inspire you to consider what an outstanding level of customer-first momentum could do to transform your company.
We have brought CX leaders from MAC Cosmetics, Bloomingdale’s, Bank of America, The Home Depot, TD Ameritrade, Deloitte, and more together to talk about their success stories and learnings around building a customer-centric culture. Throughout the Driving Culture and Accountability track, you will hear firsthand how they embedded a robust process to ensure CX accountability and learn tangible actions on how you can better connect CX programs to day-to-day actions and strategic planning.
During the track, MAC Cosmetics will explore practical steps you can take to promote customer-centric thinking within your leadership teams. And Bloomingdale’s will discuss the latest phase in their multi-year customer experience journey, which has focused on creating daily rituals and habits at the leadership level to engage with customer commentary. Author Jeanne Bliss will also lead a session challenging attendees to re-evaluate their own CX practices by exploring some of the companies who defy regular business practices to build bonds with employees and customers.  
In addition to learning how to inspire a customer-first mindset within your organization, this track will give you insight into how to drive CX change and create accountability by making your teams and associates a part of the action. TD Ameritrade will share tips on how you can better connect CX programs to day-to-day actions and strategic planning, including driving a sense of purpose and a client experience mindset, establishing and managing client advisory panels, and fostering a culture of CX innovation through associate engagement. Deloitte will also share how to use employee engagement data to build a customer-centric culture and drive business results without getting stuck.  And The Home Depot, one of the top performing retail companies in the world, will share how their success is built on a foundation of customer-first thinking imparted by the company’s founders, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank.
Whether you are able to attend one or all of the sessions in this track, you will walk away motivated and inspired to build a customer-centric mindset from the top down through shared values, leadership, and behaviors that drive accountability for your CX improvement efforts.
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