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HR’s Role in Building a Culture of Employee Engagement That Speeds Business Transformation

Medallia: Employee Engagement

A note to HR Leaders as Medallia kicks off at Workday Rising

Today’s great business transformations come from having a higher purpose mission that galvanizes the entire organization. This is the future of business and the future of work. To promote and socialize this throughout a company, it is important to foster the sharing of innovative ideas that will spark and move the entire organization into action and have the technology to make this seamless.  

The role of HR in this new norm business environment is to be a beacon of light and lead the way to a supportive culture that fosters the sharing of creative, game-changing ideas. And the role of cloud technology, critical. 

Positive Employee Experiences Lead to Better Business Outcomes 

We are starting to see a very significant connection between positive employee experiences and better business outcomes which means that HR is now in the driver’s seat for creating cultures that help their organizations thrive vs. just survive. It’s a powerful position. 

One of the reasons we started Crowdicity was to support you and your HR organizations in creating a culture of engagement –  employee engagement – a breaking of the hierarchical towers that stall transformation. 

Breaking Corporate Hierarchies to Source Game-Changing Ideas from Employees

There are brilliant business ideas that live in the minds of employees and will never see the light of day. A cloud-based crowdsourcing platform empowers you to foster a culture of idea-sharing – a culture of breaking down hierarchies to source the best ideas that have the potential to propel the business forward. When we create those types of cultures, employees feel engaged and empowered and the result is better business outcomes. 

The National Health Service is a hierarchical organization with hospitals that have surgeons at the top and porters at the bottom. One hospital posed a challenge to all its employees  – how do we improve the patient experience? Energized by the fact that they had been asked to share their insights, the porters, who spend their days anonymously shuttling patients around, got involved. One porter had noticed how undignified it was for patients to wear a hospital gown that had an opening at the back, baring all. The porter, through Crowdicity, shared and the idea of creating a gown that wraps around the side, kimono style. That brilliantly simple idea went into production as is now part of the overall delivery of initiatives to improve the patient experience.

However, this idea would not have surfaced without technology! We help drive a culture shift toward engagement and professional development. It is what will give organizations like yours, the power to transform through innovations that may never have made it to the forefront. 

The role of Crowdicity is to help you give your employees a voice through engagement, the sharing of new ideas and the ability to solve its company’s problems – customer, patient and citizen problems that are showing up from the billions of customer and employee signals coming from the Medallia Experience Cloud platform that show where bad experiences are impacting the business. 

By having powerful customer, patient, citizen and employee feedback from Medallia, you can source new and creative ideas from employees on how to fix issues much faster. And when those employees feel engaged, they are more likely to inspire customers and drive positive business outcomes. 

This right here is the future of work! Come visit us at Booth #306 at Workday Rising for a demo! 

Energy Australia Employee Engagement Success Story

“Through Innov8@EA everyone is encouraged to put forward ideas that help solve challenges in the energy industry. People are inspired to think differently, and everyone here has an opportunity to make a difference. I want to be a part of the transition from coal to renewables, and I feel I can be a part of that here.”

Arun Sri Nanthakumar, Digital Process Specialist, EnergyAustralia & Winner of the very first Innov8@EA Challenge

Energy Australia (EA) is Australia’s leading energy provider. EA employees have always been great problem solvers but had become used to working in silos, spread out across multiple sites, with no easy route for cross-collaboration and no understanding of what innovation meant for the business. Energy Australia’s Crowdicity platform, Innov8@EA, was launched to create a culture where employees are engaged and empowered to think creatively. This platform has given them a place where they can share ideas, develop their thinking, collaborate with colleagues, and see their ideas through to implementation. With visible endorsement from the executive and a communications strategy that shines a spotlight on the people and ideas making a positive impact, employees now enjoy innovating and understand the role they play in driving the organization forward. A network of ‘Innovation Troopers’ (the platform’s most engaged users from across the business) acts as ambassadors, encouraging other colleagues to get involved and collaborate. Authors of bright ideas join innovation masterclasses, learning new skills in the process and produce filmed final pitches that are presented to the executive, reducing perceived power distance. People are engaged in a way that is positively reinforcing, constructive and fun, and the constant flow of increasingly valuable ideas is yielding outstanding results. Crowdicity has broken down the silos and created a more closely networked business.