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Webinar: Customer Centricity and the Science of Habit Change

Anyone whose company has tried to change the culture around its customer experience knows that the results don’t always match the intent. The company might devote lots of time and resources to creating new slogans, training programs and even external branding. But somewhere between planning and the execution, things go off-track — and customers end up receiving experiences that aren’t in line with where the company’s goals.
There is rarely just one reason for this type of discrepancy. But one of the most common is the struggle to change ingrained habits around engaging with customers and using their feedback.
Every company relies on habits and routines in order to function efficiently — particularly when it comes to the customer experience. Winning customer satisfaction often means acting quickly, without taking time to plan the next few steps deliberately. These habits are valuable until the company realizes that it needs to change its entire approach, at which point they become an obstacle.
And as anyone who’s tried to get in shape or change their eating habits knows, there’s little that’s quite as frustrating as trying to kick a long-held habit.
This challenge exists at every level of an organization. On the front line, employees face a fresh setbacks every day, from busy periods to supply shortages to difficult customer expectations. The experiences they deliver during these stressful times depend more on how they’ve learned to react than how they’ve been told to act moving forward.
Executives and other business leaders face similar challenges. They might know how important it is to keep up with a new customer-centric approach — for example, factoring customer data into a purchasing decision — but when things get busy or complicated, overcoming existing habits becomes far more difficult.
So what can companies do to change long-standing customer engagement habits?
This Wednesday, June 24th, you have an opportunity to speak with someone who can help answer that question. Medallia is hosting a live webinar with Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit — a New York Times bestselling book about the science of habit formation. Using examples covering everything from MIT laboratories to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, Charles will explore ways companies can use habit science to deliver better experiences for their customers, increase employee engagement, and improve public perception of their offerings.
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