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The 8 Most Popular Customer Service Job Titles

Most Popular Customer Service Job Titles

With millions employed in the field in the U.S. alone, the customer service industry is the heart of our economy and customer service team members are the backbone of retailers, ecommerce companies, financial services institutions, professional services organizations, travel and hospitality companies, and more.

If you’re looking to expand your team and fill in gaps in your org chart, here are some of the top in-demand jobs in the customer service industry to add to your company’s workforce. Use these most popular customer service job titles to get the most candidate traffic and applications for your team.

Most Popular Customer Service Job Titles: Entry Level

#1: Customer Service Representative

Whether by phone, email, social media, live chat, text message, or messaging apps or in person, customer service representatives are front-line employees who help resolve customers’ most pressing questions and concerns. According to data from Indeed, this is the #1 most popular customer service job title, with job listings including this specific name receiving a total of 15.81 million clicks in 2018. Of all of the customer service-related jobs posted on ZipRecruiter, nearly half (42%) use the title customer service representative.

A related position, customer support representative, helps customers out by answering general questions related to policies, pricing, and products and was the #8 most popular customer service job in 2018 according to Indeed, with listings with this position in the title generating over 600,000 clicks.

#2: Customer Experience Associate (CX Associates) or Customer Experience Agent (CX Agent)

This is one of the fastest-growing customer service job titles, increasing in demand by 346% from 2017 to 2018, according to ZipRecruiter. A related role, customer engagement representative, also grew by 214% in demand during the same time period. Similar to customer service representatives, CX associates are responsible for helping customers find what they’re looking for and address complaints, with a particular emphasis on delivering an excellent customer experience.

#3: Call Center Representative or Contact Center Representative

As the name suggests, these agents typically offer customer service support via the phone, answering inquiries and addressing complaints and work as part of a contact center or call center team. Per Indeed data, openings with call center representative in the title received a total of 3.42 million clicks in 2018.

#4: Support Specialist

If your company offers technical products or services, then support specialists are team members you can count on to help your customers when issues arise, offering troubleshooting support via a range of channels. Listings with this customer service job title received nearly 1 million clicks in 2018, per Indeed.

#5: Social Media Customer Care Associate

A newer role within customer service, this increasingly popular position specializes in offering support via social media channels, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If your brand receives a high volume of customer inquiries, complaints, and reviews via social channels, you’ll want to ensure you have staff dedicated to supporting these key channels to help strengthen your brand reputation and reach.

Most Popular Customer Service Job Titles: Intermediate

#6: Customer Service Supervisor

These experienced team members train new customer service representatives, provide coaching as needed, and help the team achieve key customer goals, such as delivering improvements in customer satisfaction (CSAT) and loyalty.

Most Popular Customer Service Job Titles: Senior

#7: Customer Service Manager

A natural next step for customer service career growth for top-performing supervisors, customer service managers, also known as customer service team leads, oversee the day-to-day operations of the customer service team and are responsible for tracking and reporting on customer service KPIs, optimizing processes to improve outcomes, creating and implementing customer service training programs, and ensuring representatives are receiving actionable feedback to improve their performance. Per Indeed data, this was the #6 most-clicked on customer service job title in 2018, receiving a total of 813,756 clicks.

#8: Senior Support Specialist, Support Team Lead, or Technical Support Team Lead

When your all-star support specialists are ready for growth and management opportunities, this is the next level they can rise to and offer supervisory oversight of and guidance to support specialists to drive customer satisfaction.

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