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Personalizing Experiences with Medallia CX360

Personalizing Experiences with Medallia CX360

Your customers expect personalized experiences – relevant to them and consistent with their past experiences. But this becomes increasingly difficult to achieve as they interact with you across more channels than ever before — online, in store, on social media, through your call center, directly from your products and apps…the list goes on!

In order to deliver the experience they expect, you need to understand their full journey – who they are, and every experience they have had with your brand – not just their last interaction.

Medallia CX360 Profiles introduced at Experience ‘19 does just that. By resolving a customer’s many identities (think phone number, email, customer id, etc),  and creating a single, comprehensive view of each and every customer (including those that don’t provide feedback), Medallia CX360 Profiles allows you to understand each customer’s history and prevents you from having siloed and inconsistent engagement. 

Medallia CX360 Profiles include:

  • Key customer attributes
  • Scores over time 
  • Comments with sentiment analysis 
  • History of triggered alerts 
  • Timeline of events – including event, feedback, action, operational and machine data 

So, what can you do with Medallia CX360 Profiles? We’ve got a few ideas: 

  1. Know the whole story: We know many of you rely on Medallia to take action on customer feedback and follow up with customers about their experiences. With Medallia CX360 Profiles you can click directly from a feedback response to a customer’s profile, better enabling your frontline to close the loop with context, instead of simply relying on the information provided in a single response.
  2. Investigate an escalation: While we may wish it wasn’t the case, we know that customers don’t always respond to requests for feedback – instead they may send an angry email to the CEO that gets forwarded to your team with that dreaded question mark. In the past you would likely need to search several systems to understand the customer and why they were so upset — it might not even be possible to get the complete picture. But with Medallia CX360 Profiles, you can quickly search for a customer and pull up their full profile in seconds! 
  3. Influence experiences in the moment: While it’s great to be able to follow up with customers more effectively, it’s even better when you can prevent a poor experience in the first place. By leveraging the information in Medallia CX360 Profiles, you can enable your teams to personalize experiences in the moment. One example that comes to mind is within the hospitality space: with Medallia CX360 Profiles, hotel managers could access the profiles of customers checking in each day, giving them the opportunity to review preferences and recent problems in order to tailor guest experience ahead of time, perhaps selecting a specific room or making a much appreciated suggestion at check-in. 

These are just a few of the ways we think Medallia CX360 Profiles will help companies gain a deeper understanding of their customers so that they can personalize their experiences. Learn more about Medallia Experience Data Platform and Medallia CX360 Profiles here