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How to Build Brand Loyalty with Business Text Messaging

How to Build Brand Loyalty with Business Text Messaging

Struggling to stand out? It’s difficult to build brand loyalty during this era in which customers can turn in any direction and find an endless number of brands to choose from. It’s your job to engage with customers wherever they are, deliver an outstanding experience, and build brand loyalty that keeps them coming back in the future.

Brand loyalty is more challenging than ever to secure, but an effective way being used by industry-leading companies to capture the attention of customers is through business texting.

What is Business Texting, Anyway?

Business texting is a form of text messaging that occurs between a business and current or potential customers.

It allows your business to respond to inquiries, share promotional offers, update order statuses, and address questions or concerns in a timely manner — for example. Overall, the activities that you’re able to carry out with business texting improve customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Customers don’t want to deal with the fluff and noise often associated with brand communications; however, business texting cuts through it all and builds brand loyalty using the channel they prefer most.

48% of consumers say they prefer direct communication from a brand via text messaging — no other channel type is anywhere as popular, according to SMS Comparison.

Let’s face it: no one actually reads through their entire email inbox. As for phone calls, they feel too sales-y. Even if you’re personalizing emails or calls, customers are almost instantly turned off.

But 95% of text messages are opened and responded to within just three minutes of being delivered, so it’s clear that your business needs a text messaging service.

Brand Loyalty: The Impact on Your Business

Dedicate yourself to customers, and customers will dedicate themselves to your brand. When a customer feels loyal to a brand, they’ll stick around for repeat purchases and rarely consider the competition in their buying decisions regardless of pricing and features.

If you provide top-notch experiences, your customers are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. In fact, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with brands offering excellent service interactions.

Business texting also takes your outreach to the next level with alerts, deals, and tips delivered in a channel where customers never miss a moment.

4 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty With Text Messaging

Two-way, real-time communication with customers via business texting is the only way you can live at their fingertips. Whenever they have a question, you’ll be available with knowledgeable staff and the help of AI-powered automations to provide accurate, detailed information quickly.

Let’s explore how to deploy a business text messaging service and use it to build brand loyalty.

1. Personalize Communications

Personalize Communications

Customers expect to interact with your brand under the impression that you know who they are and the preferences they have. Personalize communications with a business texting strategy that ensures all customers feel known, valued, and listened to by your brand.

Make the extra effort to use a customer’s first name. And if they have a birthday on the horizon, don’t be afraid to wish them a happy birthday and maybe even include a unique promotional offer the customer can use. While it may seem insignificant to you, it’ll mean the world to the customer and build brand loyalty.

It’s not difficult to personalize communications, either. CRM platforms integrate with business texting software so that text messages can be tailored specifically to unique customer attributes.

2. Engage in Authentic, Transparent Conversations

As you’d expect, business text messaging feels authentic and transparent whereas other channels to communicate with customers feel cold, disingenuous, and downright unappealing.

What makes this the case? In everyday life, people use text messaging with their friends, family, and co-workers. So the ability to send and receive text messages with a brand adds an organic, casual method of communication that you can’t achieve through any other format.

Customers understand exactly how to get in touch, and a real-time conversation meets their expectations in a fast-paced world.

3. Be Available Around the Clock

Closed for the rest of the day? Not anymore, but don’t worry: you won’t need to have staff at the ready in the wee hours of the morning or night. Leave it to artificial intelligence (AI) to pick up where your employees left off at the end of the workday, or when they need to focus on more important tasks.

AI-powered automations recognize keywords and analyze the intent of inquiries from customers, responding outside of business hours (or while your staff takes on other tasks) to still be there for customers.

It’ll build brand loyalty with early birds, night owls, and all other customers who want answers around the clock but don’t want to wait.

‘Work smarter, not harder’ is the mindset with business texting in use. Customers receive the answers and information they need when they expect it, all without needing to expand business hours or hire additional staff — both of which increase costs and decrease profits.

4. Always Appreciate & Hear Your Customers

Always Appreciate & Hear Your Customers

Business text messaging allows you to appreciate your customers with direct text messages, too — whether to remind them of an upcoming appointment or stay, or to show your appreciation with a thank you after they visit or make a purchase.

‘Thank you’ text messages are also a great opportunity to send a discount code along — if appropriate in your industry — so the customer has another reason to return to your brand in the future.

Check-in on customers as well. For example, if your brand is in the hospitality industry, see if there’s anything you can do post-arrival to make guest experience even better. Or send a mid-stay survey that allows a guest to evaluate their entire experience so far.

What you’ll find is that, in any industry, customers want to tell you what they think throughout the customer journey. In turn, this affords your business the opportunities to take action in the moment to build brand loyalty for months and years to come.

Get Started with Business Texting Software To Build Brand Loyalty

Medallia Concierge is ready to keep the conversation open with your customers. Lilly PulitzerWhole Foods Market, and Hyatt are just a few of the industry-leading companies using our platform for two-way, real-time communication that’s effective and efficient in building brand loyalty.

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