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How to Monitor the Health of Your Company’s Customer Experience

“What gets measured, gets managed.” You’ve probably heard Peter Drucker’s famous words before. When you can measure the outcome of an action, you can see what went well, what went wrong, what can improve — and then benchmark to track future progress.

When it comes to delivering a great customer experience, however, there has been a persistent measurement blind spot. It goes beyond the collecting of feedback, parsing of large amounts of data, and surfacing of key customer insights. It also just so happens that this blind spot relates to something that’s crucial for success:

Employee engagement.

Customer experience is the responsibility of an entire organization — from the frontline to the c-suite. Each employee has their own impact on the journey of a customer and making sure they are engaged around that fact is paramount to delivering a quality experience. How do you guarantee that? You can train employees, conduct regular check-ins, and monitor customer feedback about specific individuals. Beyond that, though, it’s not so easy.

What gets measured, gets managed…

With this and the importance of employee engagement in mind, we recently launched Medallia Health Check. It’s a module that lets organizations track the vitals of their customer experience program inside and out. With Health Check, companies can now easily track the global efficacy of how they collect and act on feedback — allowing them to:

  • Drive Employee Engagement: Understand weak and strong areas of employee engagement.

  • Drive Closed-Loop Accountability:  Track customer alerts and case statuses to ensure the whole organization is closing the loop.

  • Prevent Silent Accounts: Manage key account response rates to recognize blind spots and escalate the urgency around silent accounts.

  • Optimize Response Rates: Monitor customer response rates by feedback method and by device and browser type, ensuring that customers have a frictionless feedback experience.

  • Monitor Feedback Volume and Distribution Across Customer Segments: Ensure that feedback comes from across customer segments and touchpoints so teams are acting to improve all customer experiences.

This is what Health Check lets you do. Now that you can measure things like how actively engaged employees are with customers and your CEM, you can focus on initiatives to improve habits and create a customer-centric culture. Regional managers can discover where their employees are lagging, develop coaching methods, and then track actual improvement (or lack thereof). Program managers can identify faults in their feedback system and quickly iterate. We can finally see — once and for all — if the CEO is really logging into the system.

Now, with Health Check, you don’t have to just say that employee engagement is one of your top priorities. Now, you can measure it. And you can manage it.

Photo credit: Life Mental Health

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