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Use Cases.

No two businesses are ever the same. But whether your customers are millions of end consumers, or some of the largest businesses in the world, we’ll help you improve the experience you deliver to them.


Many of our customers have built their businesses on the belief that nothing can replace a personal interaction. Their frontline teams, in different countries and speaking different languages, create customer experiences everyday — and rely on us to track and improve those experiences. Medallia has been deployed across hundreds of thousands of locations, by some of the largest consumer-facing companies in the world. We’re confident we’ll be able to tailor a solution to the unique relationship you have with your customers.

Learn from all your customers.

Medallia captures data from all the customers who visit your locations, both known and anonymous. We reach customers you know — such as your frequent buyer club members — through outbound mechanisms such as email and SMS surveys. We reach customers at your locations who you might not know through a variety of methods: receipt-based URLs, kiosks, mobile app tracking and geo-fencing.

Medallia’s solution is:

  • Updated in real time: our data enables you to act rapidly and recover at-risk customers while they are still on-site. Many of the companies we serve call their unhappy customers before they leave the mall, hotel, dealership, or bank and resolve any issues before they go viral.
  • Relevant to location staff: at each location we report data specific to that location so frontline staff understand what actions they need to take locally to solve problems.
  • Scalable: we can support tens of thousands of locations and touchpoints—anywhere your customers interact with you.
  • Globally deployed: we collect and disseminate data worldwide in local languages, in compliance with national privacy policies, with sensitivity to cultural survey-response biases, and regardless of differing levels of technology.

Key Accounts.

We understand the complexity involved in maintaining big B2B relationships: dispersed users, multiple decision makers, long lead times. Medallia is built to conquer all of this complexity, focusing on what matters most: improving your customers’ experiences.

Drive customer retention.

Medallia for B2B systematically gathers feedback from all your key customer stakeholders, technical users, key influencers, and decision makers, transforms it into insight, and delivers it to the right people inside your organization — in a way they can act on it.

The result? Better visibility into the true state of your B2B relationships, actions that improve those relationships, and ultimately, lower churn of high value customers.

Medallia’s solution allows you to:

  • Gather feedback.
    Systematically gather feedback from decision makers and users. Medallia is able to function across the complexity of B2B — dialoguing with users, influencers and decision makers on a rolling basis to continuously monitor accounts across all stakeholders.
  • Offer role specific account views.
    Even with complex organizational hierarchies, executives and corporate analysts can view client insights in aggregate or for distinct organizational programs, while the field teams have role-specific views that show them only results pertinent to them.
  • Make changes on the fly.
    One complicating factor in B2B account relationships is they change continuously. Medallia Key Account Management automatically updates your organizational changes so the right information gets to the right team. As the organization evolves, programs, teams, and individuals can be added, removed, or changed seamlessly.
  • Touch accounts ahead of renewals.
    Medallia can survey key decision makers at soon-to-renew customers and trigger alerts if things aren’t going right. With advanced notice, account teams can proactively fix problems ahead of renewal.
  • Collaborate on recovery.
    Act on feedback, log actions, and track results for a continuous (and collaborative) improvement loop — critical to managing large and complicated B2B customers. Manage, assign and escalate cases so that all hands are on deck to act on account issues to retain and grow business.
  • Engage at all interaction points.
    You engage with your clients across your organization: sales, support, billing, legal, logistics. B2B customers expect an excellent experience across all of them. Medallia is able to work across all these interactions — giving you holistic view of your customer accounts.

Contact center.

For many businesses, the contact center is the most critical of all customer touchpoints, so ensuring a great customer experience is essential. Here’s a quick look at why a wide range of Fortune 500 companies rely on Medallia for driving improvement of the contact center customer experience.

Real time integration.

Integrate real time data with other contact center systems. Specifically, you can:

  • Use Medallia’s real-time API to sync Medallia with other contact center systems and to import call center metrics and more.
  • Send surveys immediately after every customer interaction.
  • Analyze IVR recordings on feedback records, sync your CRM’s ticketing process with feedback alerts, push agents’ customer experience scores to the performance management system, and more.

Environment management.

With Medallia for Contact Centers, you can manage complex contact center environments and staff changes, making sure that feedback and actions reach the right people for action.

    • Organize and present customer experience data across all contact centers.
    • Provide role-specific views so that employees receive data that’s relevant to them.
    • Add additional locations on demand as your contact center evolves.
    • Track customer experience down to every single agent.

Medallia Digital.

Thanks to the web, an increasing number of businesses have zero face-to-face interaction with their customers, a phenomenon that makes the online customer experience more important, not less so. Medallia Digital enables you to drive to the heart of your customers’ website experience — and improve it.

A 360° view of your online customers.

Medallia combines feedback from your online customers’ about their website experience with feedback about their experiences after the website — for example, with fulfilment or services. Here are some of the surveys you can integrate into Medallia’s one easy-to-use system:

  • Website intercept surveys deliver feedback on your website navigation and usability.
  • Product surveys share what your customers think about your goods and services.
  • Service and support surveys tell you how you dealt with any glitches in the customer experience.

Now you can understand what it means to be an online customer of your whole organization — not just of the website.

Find and fix trouble spots.

Want to fix an underperforming segment or page but don’t know how? Medallia Digital can help. It:

  • Integrates with tools like Omniture and Google Analytics, to connect clickstream data with satisfaction data, and help you understand the “whys” behind website behavior. Microsegment targeting allows you to get feedback from a particular segment without requiring code changes on your site. No more managing to release dates just to ask a few questions of a subset of your customers.
  • Triggers automatic alerts about subperforming parts of the website, pinpointing trouble spots.
  • Lets you run customized surveys to delve deeply into those trouble spots. The surveys, which are time limited and focused on microsegments of customers, require no code changes to the website so can be run independently of ecommerce deployment cycles.