Text Analytics

Customers want to tell you what they think and how they feel, from anywhere, at any time and in any format. How can you make sense of such massive amounts of customer comments and data to take immediate action? Medallia Text Analytics.


A score can’t provide a complete picture of the customer experience.

Today, customers make their voices heard through a multitude of channels: social media, online reviews, emails and surveys. While some of their feedback is captured in satisfaction scores, a great deal exists in written form. Written feedback is challenging to analyze in large quantities, but the payoff is a more comprehensive understanding of the Voice of the Customer. So how do you unlock insights from this valuable data and empower your organization to act on it?

Text analytics tools have emerged to meet this need, uncovering insights hidden in unstructured text. The problem is, most tools only go partway. Findings lack completeness and are often isolated to a few teams, which leads organizations to miss out on key opportunities to improve their business.

Medallia’s native text analytics solution is built for both insights and action.

Medallia’s Text Analytics identifies high impact trends and makes insights widely accessible across your organization. Data is processed and distributed in real time, with the right information to pinpoint where issues are occurring and what makes customers happy.

Here’s how Medallia’s unique approach to text analytics leverages simple comments to inspire and create incredible customer experiences: 


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Drive action across your organization with personalized insights.

Medallia generates intuitive reports used by thousands of people across an organization, from the C-suite to the frontline. Insights are translated into 39 languages and distributed throughout various teams, regions, and business units, so every employee can take action on the root cause of customer issues.

Focus on what matters most by quantifying the impact of unstructured feedback.

Identifying trends and sentiment are one part of the equation, but how do you prioritize initiatives that will have the biggest impact on customer loyalty? Medallia complements text analytics with impact analysis to quantify customer comments, so you can address the most pressing key drivers.

Leverage machine learning to discover the unexpected.

Conventional text analytics is complicated, manual and rule-based, requiring human intervention to identify the right topics to track. This approach makes it easy to overlook the issues you don’t know exist.  Medallia’s Theme Explorer uses machine learning to automatically identify new topics as they arrive— eliminating blind spots and highlighting unexpected problems before they become a widespread disaster.



Theme Explorer works in over 40 languages and across a range of data sources including chat logs, customer care notes, emails, and more.

Understand the entire customer journey with native text analytics.

As companies struggle to unify journeys across numerous touchpoints and silos, text analytics provides a great opportunity to fully understand the customer perspective. Medallia’s native solution enables you to combine insights from text with customer feedback metrics for in depth analyses at each step of the customer journey.

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