Connect your customers to everything you do

Walk in your customers’ shoes

Medallia Experience Cloud™—a software-as-a-service platform—fuses human and machine learning. It gathers customer opinions and sentiment, integrates them with operational data, uncovers the most useful and important insights, and directs action throughout the organization. It empowers employees to make smarter, more informed decisions and is modular across web, mobile, contact centers, retail and other locations.

Feedback Management

Engage in dialogue with your customers

Make feedback part of your customer experience by engaging at the right time, in the right channel. Collect feedback via branded in-app surveys, email, web sites, 2-way SMS, connected devices, social reviews, and more. Target your requests strategically across the customer journey using our smart sampling and quarantine rules to manage frequency of contact.

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Performance Measurement

Measure your experiences in every dimension

Measure the performance of key journeys and touchpoints to pinpoint what’s working, and what’s not. Slice and dice feedback by tying it to everything else you know about the experience using CRM data, point-of-sale details, clickstream data, product SKUs, contact center metrics, and more. Benchmark team-level performance using social ratings or internal comparisons based on the metrics of your choice, like Net Promoter Score® (NPS), customer satisfaction, or customer effort.

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Analytics and Insights

Uncover needs and diagnose problems

Mine quantitative data and text commentary to make sense out of what customers say and do. Prioritize the most valuable opportunities using correlation and regression analysis to identify key drivers and predict improvement potential. Apply our native text analytics and machine learning engine to find insights hidden in text across 40+ languages.

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Company Engagement

Optimize decisions at every level

Empower teams up and down your organization to make decisions with timely and relevant customer data. Reports and notifications are tailored by department and role to address the information needs and decision making cadence of each team, from daily huddles to quarterly goal setting and planning. We make it personal by syncing with your HR systems so that every employee sees feedback that’s directly relevant to their work.

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Action Management

Orchestrate actions to close the loop

Take systematic action based on what you’ve learned. Use our native apps for iOS and Android to connect 24/7 with individual customers, follow up on their concerns or suggestions, and promote the best ideas. Innovate faster by discovering emerging themes through Medallia’s Text Analytics and testing new ideas (products, services, or processes) using Ask Now and continuous feedback.

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Reputation Management

Turn loyalty into business growth

You’ve worked hard to earn the loyalty of your customers. Turn that loyalty into growth by encouraging your most engaged promoters to share their recommendations about you with a wider audience. Actively manage your brand reputation through features like Medallia Promote. Give your customers the option to post their survey answers to external social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and TripAdvisor. Customers who are actively more engaged in giving feedback are more likely to recommend you.


Open platform, unsurpassed scalability

Medallia Experience Cloud™ is proven to scale across thousands of employees in the largest global organizations. Embed the customer in every part of your operations through flexible configuration and easy integration with other systems and third-party applications. Concerned about privacy and security? So are we. That’s why we’ve achieved industry recognized certification levels across our core applications and global network of data centers.

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