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Put the voice of your customer in every decision you make.

There are three components to an effective operational customer experience management system. Capturing feedback from all your customers, across every channel. Transforming that data into insight, in real time. And then making it actionable for everyone across a company—from the c-suite, to the frontline.
Here’s how Medallia does it.

Feedback from every channel.

Hear your customers.

Wherever your customers are, however they transact with you, and talk to or about you — Medallia will facilitate a conversation between you and every single one of them.

Intuitive graphical interface.

Get it. At a glance.

It doesn’t matter how detailed or accurate your data is if it’s not understandable and actionable. Medallia’s intuitive and graphically-based interface makes it easy for every user across your organization to understand and act on feedback.

Native mobile apps.

Anytime, anywhere.

Some of us spend all day on our desktop computer. Others of us are in the field, walking the floor, or out on the road. Where you’re working shouldn’t be a barrier to being on top of what’s happening with your customers — and with Medallia Mobile, it’s not. We have native apps for iOS and Android, keeping you connected to your customers.

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Role-based views.

Tailored and relevant.

The CEO needs to see and act on very different information than the front line. Medallia has been built from the ground up on this fact — every user is engaged because what they see is relevant to them. Reports and actions are tailored to each individual and the roles they play inside your organization.

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Real-time research and testing.

Learn and innovate faster.

Go beyond traditional research and testing methods with Ask Now. Add new questions to existing questionnaires and collect responses in real-time to inform research and substantiate new ideas faster. Get the customer insights you need to drive continuous improvement and innovation, quickly and effortlessly.

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Real time analytics.

Cut your data on the fly.

If the challenges your business faces change every day, why do your reports stay the same? Medallia allows users to easily and intuitively slice-and-dice all their information in real time. Every module features a configurable interface that allows the user to adjust everything from organizational scope to customer segment to time period. And if new reports or even new dashboards are required as a result of new business needs, it’s simple for users to build them out.

Native text analytics.

The why behind the score.

Unstructured feedback allows your customers to talk about issues that you might not have even known to ask about. But how can you make sense of all this data across thousands of responses? Our award-winning native text analytics engine works across multiple languages to present the richness of these responses and uncover customer insights hidden in text, in a format that’s both easy to understand and easy to act on.

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Medallia for CRM

Many views of the customer, One login.

Your sales and service agents are already trained in and using a CRM system. How do you obtain the benefits of customer experience management—see role-specific customer insights and recommended actions, save at-risk accounts, and identify upsell opportunities—without retraining your frontline to use new software? Medallia is able to fully integrate with all major CRM vendors, including Salesforce, Siebel, and SAP. It lets everyone in your organization gain the benefits of Medallia, all without leaving their existing CRM software.

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Key driver analytics.

Prioritize what matters most.

There’s some powerful stuff that goes on behind the scenes of our product: regressions, impact analytics, all linked to your financial reporting system. But what matters to you is that Medallia will identify the key drivers behind your business, link customer satisfaction with financial metrics and customer spend, and show you which improvements will garner the most bang for your buck.

Enterprise goal setting.

Paint the target.

Powerful, flexible and easy goal setting allows you to set targets and track progress across all the different levels of your business. See if your actions are impacting your goals; and you’ll be alerted if things aren’t going in the direction you want them to. Every level of your organization can set goals and targets, and managers can see and manage roll-ups, all the way up to the CEO.

Unified CX reporting.

Decentralize decisions—not your CX data.

You wouldn’t dream of not being able to roll up your financial data across your organization. Why should your customer experience data be any different? Medallia works across every customer touchpoint in your organization to present a unified and consistent view of your customers’ experiences — while still giving each area of your business the freedom to interact with customers in the way they think is best.

Facilitated actions.

Recover detractors. Activate promoters.

Identifying your at-risk customers, as well as the customers who love you—that’s important. But more important still is what you’re doing about it. And that is at the very heart of Medallia—driving action throughout your organization. Our workflows facilitate action at all levels of your organization—from the CEO to the front line, and everywhere in between.


Solicited Feedback

Email surveys, SMS, receipt-based codes, paper
surveys, web intercept, IVR, mobile feedback,
and live agent collection. Medallia can handle
every single one of them.

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Capture customer feedback across emerging web and mobile channels with site-intercepts, abandonment surveys, feedback links, and mobile
in-app surveys.

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Social is still a brave new world for many
businesses, but we transform it into one more
channel that’s easy for you to manage.
Medallia helps you monitor, analyze
and interact in social media.

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Customer Care

It’s easy for agents and employees to create new cases and enter inbound feedback directly into Medallia. IVR, automated and online post-service feedback is captured too, so your Customer Care team knows exactly how they’re doing and where they can improve.

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Existing Systems

Medallia has been architected to play well
with others. We will import data that has been
generated or captured by other systems:
whether PoS, CRM, email, or ERP.

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