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Medallia for Digital and

One source of truth for experiences in every channel

Your websites, mobile apps, and eCommerce interactions set the stage for the customer’s experience with your entire brand. Medallia offers the only feedback solution for comprehensive analysis in digital channels plus integrated reporting across the full customer journey.

“Medallia has helped over 2,600 customers self-service their issues on our website since launch. We’ve also seen a 7% call deflation and 314% overall ROI using Medallia Digital services.”

Jessica Smith
Manager, Digital Marketing Strategies, Frontier Airlines

Create a personal dialogue with your brand

Reach customers when they are most likely to want to give feedback. Our digital solution gives you the tools to create beautifully branded and highly targeted dialogues, with more than 25 specific ways to engage during web, mobile web, or in app interactions.

Gain insights from the entire customer journey

Find new insights by mining touchpoints downstream of your digital interactions. Whether you are using contact center feedback to improve online self-service, or mining post-purchase feedback to enhance online shopping, Medallia arms you with feedback from across the customer’s journey.

Discover the stories behind your digital metrics

People include comments on nearly half of all feedback provided via digital channels. Our powerful text analytics engine allows you to explore that feedback in more than 40 languages so you can understand the “why” behind your digital metrics.

Increase conversion rates from lead to sale

Understand where purchases stall out, and why. Medallia pairs customer feedback with clickstream and session recording data so you can diagnose why customers are abandoning, and prescribe the right fix. Make changes in real-time, so your feedback approach adapts as quickly as you learn.

Make it easier to engage through digital channels

Use feedback to increase engagement in digital channels. We make it easy to evaluate the success of new apps or features, and get reactions during A/B testing. Armed with new context, digital teams learn what’s working and adapt quickly to drive more usage and more value for customers.

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Best Practice Package for Digital

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Jumpstart your CX program with our Best Practice Package for Digital. This package brings together preconfigured software, best practices, and services that meet your digital needs.

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Key Features

See what you can do with Medallia for Digital & eCommerce

Web Feedback
Solicit customer feedback with site-intercepts, abandonment surveys, and feedback links

Web Analytics Integration
Enrich the voice of the customer with operational and clickstream data

Contemporary Look-and-Feel
Reflect and extend a favorable brand experience with a beautiful user experience

Mobile SDK
Engage users to provide feedback right in your native apps, with easily integrated APIs and rich in-app targeting options

Mobile Feedback
Reduce friction on mobile devices with in-app and responsive mobile web feedback collection

Easy Administration
Deploy changes in minutes with easy-to-use, self-service capabilities

Advanced Segmentation
Use sophisticated customer segmentation and targeting to reach the right people at the right time

Real-time Alerting
Close-the-loop in real-time to proactively recover and engage with customers

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