Medallia for Public Sector

Improve services and citizen feedback

To build trust and engagement, our solution helps citizens interact seamlessly with government agencies for the services they need. We ensure that citizens are heard, respected, and valued every time and help agencies know that they have prioritized and allocated their investments well.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Medallia software platform will allow veterans to provide feedback to the VA, no matter where they are–such as a VA medical facility, the website, the VA contact center, and more.

Medallia will be available to all VA employees, including 150 VA hospitals, 819 community based outpatient clinics, and 300 VA Vet Centers. For the first time, VA employees will have the critical insights they need to improve service delivery and recovery at a far more rapid pace.

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Increase operational efficiencies 
and cost reductions

For government organizations, efficient budget management is key. Employees are able to make more informed daily decisions, minimizing unnecessary costs and delivering better results to users.

Act quickly and decisively

Most government CX relies on point-in-time market research studies and ACSI reporting, which means there is little real-time feedback. Medallia helps capture citizen feedback from all channels, and helps employees respond in real-time.

Challenge one-size-fits-all

Feedback should be role-specific, so that teams see only what they need, while others have the holistic CX view they require. Our adaptable approach empowers all employees to engage with CX and take action as needed.

Provide a CX view across touchpoints

Seeking government services may involve visiting online portals, making phone calls to a contact center, and visiting a physical office. With multiple touchpoints, friction can occur at each step of the journey. We offer a unified view of CX, across the journey, to deliver tremendous value.

Improve citizen experience

Citizens should be able to engage easily with government for essential services, and trust that these services are reliable and responsive every time.

Key Features

See what you can do with Medallia for Public Sector

Text Analytics
Identify key themes and root causes by analyzing comments, chat logs, and other text that captures the customer’s own words.

Closed Loop Action
Reinforce customer relationships with real-time alerts and case management workflows that quickly put out fires and prevent future issues.

Insights Platform
Find insights quickly and prioritize the most valuable improvement opportunities using statistical and regression analysis.

Medallia Mobile
Put feedback in everyone’s hands to keep teams connected and respond to customers anytime, anywhere.

Health Check
Monitor the health of your program by evaluating the performance of your surveys, sample, and user engagement.

Smart Sample
Target feedback requests strategically, across the customer journey, and set quarantine rules to prioritize important moments without over-surveying citizens.

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