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Program Types.

Happy customers: they transact more often, spend more, and promote you. Unhappy customers: they leave you; worse, they bad-mouth you and drive away business. Knowing where you stand with your customers will give you a basis to act and improve.

But how do you measure where you stand with customers? A number of methodologies exist — Medallia supports all the major ones.

Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Net Promoter Score (NPS) programs ask just one quantitative question: “How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend or colleague?” Customers can select an answer from zero to 10 (where 10 = ‘Very Likely’). Those who select nine or 10 are considered “promoters”, seven to eight are “passives,” and six or below are “detractors.” A company’s NPS equals the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors (passives are ignored in the calculation.)

The why behind NPS.

Many companies that use NPS not only ask customers about their likelihood to recommend, but also about why a customer gave a certain score. Medallia’s native text analytics automatically analyzes verbatim feedback, allowing you to easily uncover (and quantify) why you received a score. Understanding this allows you to improve: by uncovering whether it was a product issue, a support challenge, or something related to logistics. Medallia takes the guesswork out.

Real-time NPS improvement.

Medallia not only provides you with NPS data in real-time, but it also alerts you to detractors so you can immediately follow-up, resolve their problems, and turn them into promoters.

NPS is a powerful tool in gauging customer loyalty and, by extension, company health. Medallia supports every aspect of the NPS philosophy, and manages some of the largest NPS programs in the world.

Transparent accountability.

One of the beauties of NPS is its clarity — a single metric that is easy to understand. Medallia’s solution complements that clarity by making NPS available everywhere, to everyone. By distributing your NPS data broadly — throughout your organization, across the globe, and in many languages — your Medallia solution becomes the single NPS point of contact around which your teams rally. It holds all the touch points in your organization accountable for their parts in the customer experience. With Medallia, your entire organization gets visibility into how it’s doing.

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Voice of the Customer.

Your customers speak in many languages and across many channels. In order to truly listen, you need a solution that can bring together and clarify that complexity. Two key components of successful Voice of the Customer (VOC) or Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) programs are real-time listening and immediate response. Medallia enables your business to not only capture and analyze the VOC, but to also follow through, track, and act on those conversations — and reap the benefits.


Collect feedback from multiple channels (email, web, mobile, call center, CRM, etc.) and in any form (structured responses, such as scores or ratings; or unstructured conversations such as verbatims and posts). This unifies the VOC into a definitive view of the customer.


Simple, intuitive reporting that people reach for, as one customer put it, “like their morning cup of coffee.” It’s relevant to all users — executive to frontline — so they understand feedback and can take action to improve.

Real time.

Medallia’s unified solution delivers the Voice of the Customer and at-risk customer alerts — all in less than a second. The immediacy allows you to recover those customers — and turn your VOC program into a competitive advantage.

Social CEM.

At a time when the social media deluge is overwhelming organizations with too much feedback, many organizations are asking “how do we make sense of it all?”. Medallia puts you in the social media driver’s seat. Our solution combs social sites, unifies direct customer feedback with social feedback, distributes it to your organization, and then manages response, in just one application.

Local level engagement.

Most social media tools monitor image and reputation — but only at the brand level. Medallia, by integrating brand and location-aware social media feedback with CEM feedback, takes monitoring down to the location level. Now your local teams can easily engage with customers across social media channels.

Medallia’s Social CEM solution enables users to:

ico-searchSearch the social web for customer feedback that includes satisfaction metrics — not just brand mentions and keyword combinations. Create alerts based on issues discussed on review sites, and on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

ico-calcCalculate sophisticated metrics such as customer satisfaction — not just mention counts or overall sentiment — using social monitoring. Deliver valuable insights about reputation management to your location and business unit representatives, as well as to corporate brand marketing, PR, and customer support. Automatically categorize every single piece of unsolicited feedback gathered.

ico-respondRespond to social media reviews of your company or your company’s locations. Medallia alerts teams when a post was made and makes it easy to respond through built-in templates. With just a single click, users can easily manage and track social media conversations with customers and recover those at risk by resolving issues in open social forums.

ico-dataCollect data on the social performance of individual business units by location and take action — either centrally or at the location where the conversation started. Medallia Social Rivals also collects social feedback on your competition, allowing you to benchmark yourself against your local rivals.

Voice of the Employee.

Medallia’s approach to employee feedback is linked to the ultimate goal of customer experience. There is a virtuous cycle between happy customers and happy employees; companies that succeed in both achieve up to 5x the revenue growth of those that focus on one constituent group over the other (Fleming, John and Jim Asplund, 2007. Human Sigma, Gallup).

Why Medallia for Employee Programs?

ico-calcEngages the entire organization. Traditional employee programs keep employee feedback at the central level, at best distributing aggregate reports long after the fact. Medallia distributes relevant results across the company immediately upon survey close, so that every employee is empowered to take action to transform the organization.

ico-calcOne unified platform. With Medallia, the voices of the company’s two most important constituent groups – the customers and the employees – can be viewed, analyzed, and assessed side by side. The Voice of the Employee is an integral piece of CX strategy, that together with the Voice of the Customer advances an ecosystem of learning, innovation, action, and growth.