We make software that improves
the customer experience

We make software that improves the customer experience

and we are trusted by the world's most loved brands.

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Our Belief

Companies have a tremendous impact on our lives. We work for them, buy from them, interact with them on a daily basis. And yet, for the most part, we don’t love them. What if every interaction, every experience with companies, was delightful? What if companies actually listened and acted on our feedback so every one of our experiences got better? That’s what Medallia helps companies do. And that’s why the world’s most loved brands use our software.


We help companies listen to their customers and capture feedback from all channels, including social, digital and mobile.


We combine customer feedback with other relevant business data, and use machine learning to discover insights and drive actions.


We create dashboards and workflows for every employee, specific to their role and responsibilities, so that every piece of feedback is acted upon to correct individual issues and drive process changes to improve the experience for all.

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Invite customers to keep coming back.

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Financial Services

Customer Experience — a retention strategy that pays dividends.

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Never checkout on customer experience.

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Can you hear me now?

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Let key accounts know they’re partners.

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Steer your customer experience in the right direction.

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