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How Text Analytics Is Changing the Customer Experience

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Making sense out of unstructured feedback is complicated, and companies that crack the code are gaining a better grasp of the customer experience than ever before. When monitoring customer feedback, text analytics brings a lot of benefits: Companies are quicker to identify emerging trends, have improved the survey experience with shorter questionnaires, and are getting answers to questions they never knew to ask. As more and more feedback comes from emerging channels, including social media and mobile devices, companies rely more on text analytics. Join Temkin Group’s Bruce Temkin and Sam Keninger of Medallia as they discuss how text analytics technology is changing the way companies monitor the customer experience.

What you will learn:

• How text analytics changes the way we engage with our customers
• How successful companies are using text analytics to differentiate their customer experience
• More about companies revamping the way they solicit and take action on customer feedback with text analytics
• How companies can marry text analytics with traditional quantitative approaches for the best outcome