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At Medallia we value people for all of the aspects that make them whole. We believe that people should not be defined only by a job title — nobody is “just an engineer” or “just a salesperson”. We are each partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, and former classmates.

We have different backgrounds and we celebrate different cultures. And, just like our product, we honor each of the experiences that build our people.

At Medallia we hire the whole person,
not just a part of them.

Meet Bobby

Bobby Vicario has trouble sitting still—which comes in handy as a husband, father of two, working professional, and hip-hop practitioner.
Check out the video to see some of his moves and learn about his “crash and create” philosophy.

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Nick Biddle on Inclusivity, Tough Times, and Growth at Medallia

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Nathan Crissey on Problem-Solving, Fatherhood, and Yo-Yos

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Bri Fong on Solving Problems, Building Great Teams, and Medallia’s Evolution

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Meet Celia Ma: Biz Ops Manager, Small Business Owner, and Artist

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We are a company powered by a growth mindset. Every Medallian brings their whole self to work to create a culture of inclusion, creativity and innovation.

Some of the companies we work for

People at Medallia work for some of the biggest companies around the world